2005 Mazda 5

September 17, 2004
Mazda has been on a roll lately with an unbroken string of fantastic product introductions, but it is taking a major risk with its new 5. The 5 is what Europeans call a "space wagon," but the trend hasn't yet made it to the U.S. Space wagons are based on cars but they're taller so they're far more spacious inside.
The only space wagon we've seen here to date is the Chrysler PT Cruiser, and that car initially made waves for its style, not its packaging. Indeed, sales of the faddish PT Cruiser have slowed dramatically since its introduction. While Mazda realizes that 5 sales in the U.S. may be inconsequential, we applaud them for bringing this nontraditional vehicle stateside. If the segment takes off, they'll be looking pretty smart at Mazda.
The 5 is based on the Mazda 3 but it is taller and roomier, and it has sliding doors. The idea of a compact but spacious six- or seven-seater is appealing, but the engine options are not; the 2.3-liter four that is adequate in the excellent Mazda 3 will surely be overworked in the far-heavier 5. Alert to Mazda: put a reasonably powerful engine in the 5 and it will be a winner. You can't sell a vehicle based on your "zoom zoom" slogan if it's slower than an average economy car.
0410 Paris 33+2005 Mazda Mazda5+front Side View
0410 Paris 32+2005 Mazda Mazda5+front View
0410 Paris 35+2005 Mazda Mazda5+rear Side View
0411 H1+2006 Mazda 5+Front Drivers Side View
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