2005 Lexus GS

September 19, 2004
0410 10+2006 Lexus GS300+Front Drivers Side View
Lexus unveiled its next-generation GS at Paris, andthe car looks very similar to the concept versionshown last spring at the New York auto show. The GS isonce again offered in six-cylinder (a new 3.0 V-6,with variable intake and exhaust valve timing) and V-8(4.3-liter) configurations. Both engines use a 6-speedmanu-matic transmission. The V-6's 242 horsepower and229 lb-ft of torque result in a 0-62 mph time of 7.2seconds and a 240-kph top speed; the V-8's 296 hp and309 lb-ft shave 1.1 seconds off the 0-to-62 mph timeand boost top speed by 10 mph. Rear-wheel drive is, ofcourse, retained, and the chassis further features thepanoply of electronic helpers, including tractioncontrol, stability control, and panic brake assist.Suspension is double wishbone at the front andmulti-link at the rear. The GS300 has 17-inch wheelsstandard, with eighteens optional, while the GS430 haseighteens. On the safety front, the GS gives upnothing to its rivals, with twelve (!) airbags, swivelheadlamps, and a "pre-crash" system that uses radar inconjunction with other in-car sensors to determine ifa crash is immanent, whereupon it pretensions theseatbelts and activates the brake assist.
0410 01+2006 Lexus GS300+Rear Drivers Side View
0410 03+2006 Lexus GS300+Rear Drivers Side View
0410 06+2006 Lexus GS300+Drivers Side View


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2006 Lexus GS300

Base RWD 4-Dr Sedan V6
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3.0L V6
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2006 Lexus GS300