Subaru WRX Concept First Look

The Subaru WRX is back (at least in concept car form), and it's more aggressive than ever.

We had long heard that Subaru was looking to differentiate the next WRX from its pedestrian Impreza sibling, and it shows. The turbocharged sedan no longer looks like an econobox with a racy front fascia and a giant rear wing.

The more aggressive look starts up front: the WRX Concept has a trapezoidal grille with a black mesh insert and floating Subaru badge. It's flanked by two long, wraparound LED running lights (there are two more LED strips in the lower front fascia) and sits atop another diagonal aperture. The hood scoop is neatly integrated into the sloping hood.

Behind the front wheels is an aerodynamic cutout that traces back through the front doors and almost completely through the rears, where the lines meet with boxy, flared rear wheel arches. Out back the trunklid doesn't feature a gigantic rear wing; instead, Subaru integrated a lip spoiler, which curves into the rear quarter panels, where it meets two thin LED taillights. We're especially enamored with the lower rear fascia, which integrates quad exhausts (with yellow tips that match the yellow brake calipers) that flank an aggressive rear diffuser.

To best understand how different the WRX is from the base Impreza, look up--the roof panels on this concept are made of carbon fiber, which lowers the car's center of gravity.

The WRX concept is 178 inches long with a 108.7-inch wheelbase, 74.4-inches wide, and 54.7 inches tall. That's a dramatic change from the 2013 Impreza sedan, which is 180 inches long with a 104.1-inch wheelbase, 68.5 inches wide, and 57.7 inches tall.

The WRX Concept is just that -- a concept -- and as such few details about its powertrain are known. Subaru only says that the next WRX will be powered by a next-generation turbocharged engine. We'd bet on a turbocharged version of the FA20 2.0-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder, but there's no official word at this point.

Bruce Kettelle
Dhoosee, are you a rear diffuser design specialist?This car looks great as is. If it has AWD and at least 350HP/330lb ft, Subaru will sell a bunch. This car is clearly aimed at a different buyer than the BRZ, which is ok if one wants a 'sports car', sort of. This WRX is for performance nuts, like me. Let's hope Subaru makes is...and powers it accordingly.
Cl Reply
Best looking WRX ever... If they build it.
Keep everything (especially the tail lights, mirrors, etc..) but lose the rear diffuser;  way too busy and clunky looking.  Nice, clean design!   BUILD IT! 
Conrad Invictor
I like this more than the previous styling.  Would prefer a hatch but I'd buy this if it's the only option.
Joe Blow
I wish they would do away with the rear doors, in favor of a coupe style body OR a three door hatch.  Cool.
Looks long as there is a 5 door to go along with the sedan...
It's about time Subaru got away from their "regular" dowdy styling. C'mon guys. Your technology is pretty good, but your cars could sure stand for some modernization. I hope they build this guy as is. And I wish they'd improve the styling of the rest of their line up. They are all seriously out of date.
I like it -- size and shape.  But I wonder if that 10-12" of diffuser is functional or just a styling gimmick.  I had hoped that the front would have had some of the VIZIV LED pizzaz.  But this is just a concept.
stephen z
Very nice look, accept I think the rear diffuser is a little busy.  It certainly is a departure from the old and I think will be positive for them to differentiate from the economy look of the Impreza.  Build it!
Finally!  A sexy WRX that doesn't appeal to kids not even old enough to drive.  Build it as is!
Bragi Sigurdsson
Subaru needs to make this would boost there image and presence in the marketplace!
Paul Hill
This is the look that Subaru has needed for so long. If they can build this, it should break the generalization that their cars are never very attractive.
Alan Seitel
The young buyers are going to want that spoiler, whether it needs it or not.
Christopher Gorski
looks like the next gen mustang
Bhargav Sonowal
wow o sh..... awesome wow wowwwwwwwwwww
Raymond Doherty
A lot of Jag at the front but there is nothing wrong with that, please keep this stance for this car and it will sell really well!
Josh Jenkins
I don't get why an AWD rally based sports car needs a rear diffuser. Just looks like a perfect thing to get torn off while I'm using that AWD.
Poorana Chandran
sporty look.
Jeff Sageser
Hey Subaru, BUILD IT ASAP!!!
Ian Vollers
Just build this exact car, give it somewhere over 250 HP/TQ, and I will buy it next week. Stunning.
Dammy Onafowokan If they build it, I will come.
Alex Kapolchok
Finally brought muscle, back with sports styling.
Terence Stawski
Looks like the AWD performance car is back finally.
Frankiko Ly
Hope it goes into production.
Matthew G Amack
Ford Focus (RS - ST - WRC) better watch out because the new WRX looks badass!!
Ric Fraker
Very possibly my next car!
Jose Cardona
Ha! To the person that said they got rid of that "fake wing" you just showed how much you really know about these cars...
Scott Vines
Quite sexy. Not quirky.
Dana M. Rowe
Very nice and gets rid of the fake wing that serves no value. By dumping it you probably have opened the market yo a larger group.
Gordon Leslie
I could care less
Michael S McCord
Looks good!
Alsson Mata
Tom Robinson
A Hyundai Genesis with Audi headlights and a Jag grille? (Not sure where the scoop is from.) Not that any of this is a bad thing.
Brandon Bale
much improved over the hatchback with goofy looking clear taillights IMO.
Daniel Tsirlin
Brian, a realistic candidate for a new family thruster/ business write off?

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