2006 Mitsubishi Concept X

September 28, 2005
0510 01 900+Mitsubishi Concept X+Front Passenger Side View
Mitsubishi is previewing its upcoming new Evo X with two show cars: the Concept-Sportback displayed at Frankfurt and this Concept-X, which was unveiled at Tokyo. While the Sportback is a hatchback, the Concept-X is a sedan and therefore even closer to the new Evolution X we'll see in 2007. Built on a new platform codeveloped with DaimlerChrysler, the Concept-X has a 2.0-liter turbo four producing well north of 300 hp, a twin-clutch transmission, a further-developed all-wheel-drive system, and lightweight, all-aluminum bodywork. Best of all, the design leaves the current car's econobox roots far behind.
0511 Mitsubishi Concept X 02 445 900
0511 Mitsubishi Concept X 01 445 900
0511 Mitsubishi Concept X 03 445 900


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