Scion t2b Concept

Erik B. Johnson
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Rear Drivers Side View

Designed at Toyota's Calty Design Studio in Newport Beach, California, the t2b--for "Tall Two-Box"--concept takes everything Scion knows about being hip, cutting-edge, and cool and combines it in one smart-looking package. The exterior design is partially attributed to senior designer Jin Kim, who was also responsible for the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Lexus LF-C concepts. Interesting details include a single, offset foglamp up front (it illuminates with the strength of two) and a correspondingly lonely reverse light on the rear that sits directly opposite the exhaust pipe--a nice touch. Besides traditional lighting setups, the t2b also eschews B-pillars and door handles, opting instead for more 'edgy' modes of entry. Passenger-side access is achieved through a single power sliding door, while the driver's side doors--which both open a full 180 degrees--are manually operated. (The rear driver's-side door is suicide-style, furthering our theory that every modern concept must incorporate this design somewhere.) All doors are opened or unlatched via remote control.

Assaulting your senses with every known type of media, the Scion is a rolling entertainment center. A scrolling "ticker-tape" display housed in the dash--it looks like Star Trek come to life--allows occupants to download music, games, or movies from the Internet, as well as input their own text. If you can't find the song or game you want on the Web, simply plug an mp3 player into the dash or a video game system into docking ports located in the cargo area and you're good to go. Movies and games are viewed on the rear window, which serves as a projection monitor that can be seen from inside or out.

In addition to the electronic gadgetry, the t2b boasts a surprisingly roomy cabin, an impression aided by the wraparound windshield and fixed moonroof panels, as well as the upside-down trapezoid shape of the interior. Cabin flourishes include specially contoured seats, zippered storage compartments (including one in the steering wheel), and a unique floor, where the carpet pokes through long, rubberized slots like perfectly manicured hedges in a row. The concept is built on an all-new platform and is powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed automatic. It sits on twenty-inch polished aluminum wheels.

While Scion swears that the t2b is merely a design exercise, we can't help but think that it provides a good hint at the styling direction of the next xB. Scion says the goal for the t2b was to "create a concept which would represent that your car is more than just a mode of transportation, it's a lifestyle." Well, if your lifestyle is based around the need to be constantly entertained, then the t2b might be for you.

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