First Look: 2013 Ford Escape

November 8, 2011
Ford Vertrek Concept Front Three Quarter
We know a lot about the next generation Ford Escape. We know that the next Escape will have two EcoBoost engine options, and that it will resemble the Vertrek Concept (shown here). We also now know that Ford will unveil the new Escape in a color called "Ginger Ale" at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.
The new Escape will be the latest in Ford CEO Allan Mullay's One Ford plan. The next-gen Escape is supposed to replace both the North American Escape and the European Kuga with one, global model.
According to Ford, when the new Escape debuts in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show it'll be wearing a new paint color called "Ginger Ale," which as apparently, "named for its energy and refreshing qualities." Why bother with the paint? A new Escape packing the EcoBoost mill from the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and looking like Vertrek Concept should bring plenty of "energy" and "refreshing qualities" to the aging Escape.


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