First Look: Nissan Ellure Concept

In between both lamps sets resides a family of character lines. Long, curvaceous lateral forms emanate from the front grille (which is inspired by samurai wardrobe or kamishimo) and slice (no pun intended) right below the slim windows. A blacked-out b-pillar gives a sense of spaciousness and additional vehicle length, while the centralized door handles hint at the creative "suicide door" application.

Wide muscular haunches allow for a tabletop trunk lid with integrated spoiler. Designers penned it to mimic the traditional torii (gates) found throughout Japan. Think modern day Altima in terms of length and width and you wouldn't be too far off in imagining the Ellure's stature, though it appears to ride lower on its streamlined wheels.

One of the Ellure's more interesting elements is its short, blunt hood -- our intel indicates a proprietary hybrid (maybe a version M35 Hybrid's setup) or electric powertrain (possibly from the Leaf) motivates this theoretical ride. Further fueling our intrigue are the lack of exhaust cutouts and an aerodynamically efficient sealed underbody.

At our meeting, Nakamura-san only confirmed that the concept is a front-wheel drive, four-cylinder model. However, he did allude to it possibly utilizing hybrid or EV power in the future.

As you might expect, the female buyer's contemporary persona continues its influence within the design concept's interior.

"She's sophisticated, but has a rebellious spirit. She's intellectual, but emotional," Albaisa points out. "During the day she's in the office, but at night she's young, active, and going out."

Driver and her front passenger travel in a cabin gleaming with "effortless" haptic controlled technology (think iPad), comfortable leathers, and eco-friendly materials (a la the Leaf and PET). The air vents, central multimedia interface, and three-spoke truncated steering wheel take on the front grille's kamishimo shape. A reclining seat spoils the front passenger with a hidden ottoman.

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