2006 Suzuki SXBox Concept

November 20, 2006
Geeks and gamers rejoice: your car has arrived! This new Suzuki concept, called the SXBox, is one in a series of concepts by the automaker geared towards people with various active--or, in this case, inactive--lifestyles. This vehicle, based on the new SX4 compact hatchback, aims to attract those among us who can't go more than a few hours each day without picking up a game controller.
Performance-wise, the SXBox benefits from some slight upgrades over the stock SX4, including a wheel-and-tire package, a cat-back exhaust, cross-drilled and vented rotors, a high-flow airbox, and fancy suspension and brake systems. But the cool part is what's on the inside--two Xbox 360s, one built into the dashboard and the other in the backseat; a digital video projector that puts the game image on the underside of the clamshell hood when it's open; and various other screens and speakers strewn about the car.
Now, we've seen a concept similar to this at the 2005 SEMA show in the form of a Scion xA, done up by Five Axis. This Suzuki builds on that idea, utilizing a lot of the same hardware. However, the SXBox one-ups the Five Axis Scion by incorporating force-feedback front seats that simulate the action from the game, and four wireless controllers, one of which is mounted on the steering wheel. Basically, if you're looking to experience a photosensitive epileptic episode, get yourself to LA and head over to the Suzuki booth.


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