2006 Suzuki BaseCamp Project

November 20, 2006

Step By Step

This BaseCamp concept from Suzuki is quite the interesting vehicle. Based on the new XL-7 SUV, it's equal parts outdoorsy-active-lifestyle-mobile and...conference room? This thing has a custom roof rack with a dual mountain bike slots, an attachable canopy with a carbon-fiber frame, and, most importantly, titanium cladding around the perimeter of the body that can be converted into a catwalk to access the roof. Right. Whatever.
Swing up the gullwing-style passenger door and you'll find enough equipment to run the world, even if you're parked on the side of a mountain. The BaseCamp has an "attachable peninsula bar/work station with full media connectivity, including Wi-Fi Internet access, Bluetooth integration, and iPod/mp3 capabilities." So who would need such a vehicle? We're not sure, but we think the ridiculously overequipped BaseCamp is pretty neat just the same.


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