2005 Venturi Fetish

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This is Monaco's most famous, locally built automobile, as well as (surely you've guessed) Monaco's only locally built automobile. Yet the Venturi Fetish is more than just another example of the ease with which new cars can be built thanks to the established practices of racing-style fabrication. The Fetish is an electric car, powered by a hundred 58 Kw/h lithium-ion batteries. Venturi tells us that the 180-Kw (242 hp) electric motor powers the 2400-pound, two-seat roadster to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. At full power, a top speed of 115 mph is possible, and light power usage produces a range of 220 miles. The world of alternative-fuel cars has reached critical mass in California, so it needs a sports car as a poster child of performance. The $660,000 Venturi Fetish should do the job nicely, but first it has to meet EPA and DOT guidelines and become certified for the street.

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