Mazda Research and Development: Shinzui

January 15, 2005
0501 La Design 02+2005 Mazda Shinzui Concept+side Sketch View
Source: Mazda
Mazda North American Operations presents the ultimate Los Angeles machine, the ultimate lightweight roadster, the "SHINZUI." Mazda has revitalized the automotive industry with significant sports car creations like the Mazda Miata and the RX-7. Most recently the introduction of the RX-8 has brought back the uniquely powered rotary engine. In Japanese, Shinzui means, "Real Significance." It is the power to have real vision and the dedication to bring that vision to reality.
The SHINZUI is a very personal driving experience for the performance enthusiast. Southern California inspired its open-air feeling of freedom. The mid-engine concept takes advantage of the freeway car-pool lanes to stimulate single-seat transportation with small lightweight vehicles. Most Southern California freeways are used by single occupancy in larger fuel consuming vehicles. Why not create a vehicle unique to the Los Angeles driving and traffic characteristics?
The advantages of the revolutionary rotary engine performance are: 1. Lightweight and compact for more creative packaging.2. Fewer moving parts with adaptation for alternative fuels. 3. Produces less vibration and enhances the driver comfort.4. Lower nitrogen emissions.5. Offers significantly more horsepower then a reciprocating engine of comparable size.
0501 La Design 03+2005 Mazda Shinzui Concept+front Sketch View
0501 La Design 01+2005 Mazda Shinzui Concept+rear Sketch View


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