5350 Industrial Concepts: Hummer Hr

January 15, 2005
0501 La Design 02+2005 Hummer Hr Concept+side Sketch View
Source: GM
The Hummer Hr (Hummer roadster) is a small, lightweight Hummer for diverse L.A. environs and events... Mulholland Drive and Angeles Crest, riots and earthquakes, PCH and rock-slides or lunch at the Polo Lounge. It's a piece of urban jewelry made of advanced materials which cannot be mass-produced... a street-legal lunar rover, a techno rat rod that challenges and redefines the traditional perception of Hummer but still possesses the Hummer's traditional extreme capabilities both off- and on-road.
0501 La Design 01+2005 Hummer Hr Concept+front Side Sketch View
0501 La Design 03+2005 Hummer Hr Concept+top Rear Sketch View


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