BMW H2R Hydrogen Racer

December 15, 2004
Looking like a cross between a Z4 and the Batmobile, the BMW H2R (H2 for Hydrogen, R for its record setting 188 mph) is propelled by what the company calls the future of automobiles. The engine is the V-12 from the BMW 760i modified to run on hydrogen. Like fuel cell vehicles, the H2R emits nothing but water. BMW has been toying with hydrogen-powered vehicles for a few years now, and this is the wildest design yet (past concepts looked like production cars with stickers on the side). So why aren't hydrogen cars the way of the present, rather than the future, for BMW and others? The problem is that the most efficient way to obtain hydrogen involves burning fossil fuels--and that defeats the purpose of using H2, now doesn't it? The process is also extremely costly.
0501 Los Angeles+2005 Bmw H2r Hydrogen Racer+front Side View


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