Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Concept Shown In Geneva

How better to enhance the appeal of a sultry Italian sports car than by removing its roof and exposing the occupants to the elements? That's the line of thinking that led Alfa Romeo to introduce the 4C Spider at this week's Geneva auto show.

Alfa Romeo calls this 4C Spider a "design preview" of the real car, but this is barely a concept. The fully-formed model is based on the same carbon-fiber construction and petite, highly sculpted bodywork seen on the existing 4C coupe. The Spider weighs more than the hardtop because Alfa had to strengthen the bodywork and add carbon-fiber roll bars, but the weight gain is said to total only 132 pounds.

Despite swapping its solid roof for a fabric one, the basic, aggressive design of the Alfa Romeo 4C is untouched. The low hood bears Alfa's well-known triangular snout, with oval-shaped headlights on the front fenders. Behind the doors, the bodywork sweeps up, flying buttress-style, before gently falling to the stubby decklid and gracefully integrated rear spoiler. The fenders swell above the rear wheels, and prominent intakes aft of the doors feed the mid-mounted engine. Whereas the hardtop has one exhaust tip at either end of the rear fascia, the 4C Spider keeps them together in the center of the car.

The engine, as in the 4C coupe, is an Alfa Romeo 1.8-liter turbocharged inline-four, with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission linking it to the rear wheels. Sixty-two mph arrives in a claimed 4.5 seconds, and the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider will top 155 mph. Moreover, the company says that braking and handling will be almost identical to the coupe's performance.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider will go on sale in Europe in 2015. It's unknown when the car might come to the U.S. market, and it's worth remembering that the arrival of the standard 4C coupe has already been delayed countless times. However, Alfa Romeo now says the 4C hardtop will arrive stateside in the second quarter of this year, giving us hope that within a year or so we'll have a chance to sample the beautiful, lithe 4C Spider in America.

Gairy Smith
Very tasty!
Ajay Rao
akash car
Jon Arbuckle
Dave J Speziale
Yes yes yes
Ted Villarta Regalado
Mandimby Ratsisompatrarivo
It's like a Lotus :o
Swapnil Tripathi
Samuel O Lee
Isn't that putting the cart before the horse? Let's talk about this again after Alfa Romeo returns to these shores.
Andy Jones
Power steering would be nice, at least as an option
Brian Belmont Ckd
Harishchandra Sharma
It 'll be perfect..
John Ceragioli
YES, please.
Keith Guenther
Love it!
Jimmy Pham
Build it. But price it under $25k..
Tommaso Rega
Amazigh Amazigh
Nico Lucius Constantine Spence
Only if the hood opens....
James Hall
Like yesterday!
Manuel Micheli
But electric
Bob Powell
Charles Calkins
Don Rothenberg
Depends on 50k..a buy. At 60-70k have to pause. At above 70-80k...Porsche Cayman or 911...will be much more reliable!
Dakota King
This is hot.
Darren Songfreid
Chinakrit Jcg Jaihan
Joseph Herbias
John Rini
No, looks like Toy MR2.
Rudys Simon
But I like it
Rudys Simon
Look like a lotus elise
Ross Mazin
Yes please
Matthew Chin
I think I'd buy one.
Pankaj Yadav
Why not if it better no one can stop them
Jamie Huskey
Isn't it already planned for production?
Miguel Defares
Tim Lucas
Of course!
Lyn Zbinden
love it
Stan Mann
Kyle MacDermaid
I love it. Way better headlights too, are they moving those to the regular 4c?
R Scott Torgan
yup :like:
Nice, but this looks like less a convertible and more like a car with an open sunroof.  Does it have lift-out panels like the Corvette?
alido pavan

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