Volvo Concept Estate Revealed for Geneva Show

The wagon might just come back in style, and no surprises here, we’ve got Volvo to thank. The Swedish automaker will show the Concept Estate, the final of three concept cars previewing Volvo's future design direction, at the 2014 Geneva auto show. The Concept Estate carries the same modern design language as the previous Volvo Concept Coupe and Concept XC Coupe, and its subtle, refined take on the classic Volvo wagon is sure to make waves at Geneva.

When we first saw the Concept Coupe at last year’s Frankfurt show, design editor Robert Cumberford called it, “undoubtedly the prettiest Volvo ever shown.” Volvo’s new design language struck us as not truly retro, but it did draw inspiration from the 1960s Volvo P1800 coupes. After years of more boxy and business-like designs, Volvo’s future style is according to Cumberford, “elegantly beautiful, even if there’s nothing innovative about it.” The Volvo Concept Estate falls right into this characterization, combining the strikingly simple appeal of the Concept Coupe with the slightly taller and more purposeful proportions of the Concept XC Coupe.

“The 1800-models are iconic Volvos, renowned for their beautiful forms and detailing,” says senior vice president of design Thomas Ingenlath. “However, using elements from their exterior and interior has nothing to do with being retro. We are using these subtle links to a glorious past to create a future in which sheer beauty becomes a recognized part of Volvo’s identity.”

Preview of what’s to come

The three-door Volvo Concept Estate features the same floating grille, T-shaped headlights, and angular front intakes as the previous two concepts. Its long, flowing roofline terminates in a sporty roof spoiler, which leads into the bracket-shaped LED taillights. We’ll most likely see these elements in production form when the next-generation XC90 launches later this year, but seeing how gorgeous they look on a bonafide wagon, we can’t wait for this style to come back on other cars, perhaps a new V70.

As classically beautiful as the Volvo Concept Estate looks on the outside, there is a distinctly modern design for the interior which starts with the central tablet-like touchscreen. Taking a page out of Tesla’s book, the center touchscreen supposedly replaces all buttons and knobs, except for a few essentials like volume and hazard light controls. Although the new tech helps Volvo consolidate all functions into a single entity, which contributes to the cabin’s overall clean-and-cool Scandinavian feel, we’ll have to see for ourselves whether the interface is as intuitive as it is attractive. A massive panoramic glass roof helps complete the bright-looking interior, alongside a checkered wool headliner and wood trim that Volvo says is meant to evoke a Scandinavian living room.

Good sign for new architecture

We’ve got high hopes for Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), given that each of the brand’s three concepts represent major steps forward in technology as well as design. Although there's no word on what powers the Concept Estate, the Concept Coupe employs a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine, as well as an electric motor mated to the rear axle for a total of 400 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

With a new generation of turbocharged Drive-E engines on the way, Volvo is finally catching up to the rest of the luxury market in terms of efficiency and technology. If the Volvo Concept Estate’s graceful lines and premium feel find their way into future production vehicles, Volvo will have set itself up nicely to come back as a viable luxury brand here in the U.S. and abroad.

Check back for more coverage on the Volvo Concept Estate when it premieres at the 2014 Geneva auto show on March 4.

Our impressions live from the Geneva show floor

David Coombes
Its great to make sexy cars .....but for heavens sake ditch powering them with fossil fuels already..... divest .... we need renewable energy powered cars .... its merely political ..... til then im on the bus :-)
Wow! the nicest sporty 2dr wagon ever
Paul Harding
Wow!!... Stunning!!
Stefan Veselinovic
Evo coveka koji je jedini cistog obraza , znaci dao je 2meca , kvote 30 oba su prosla i ostao sam bez reci, nakon prolaska 01.3. mogu definitivno potvrditi sve ovo receno .
Eric Meyer
I wonder if they will keep this one around for 12 + years like they have for the xc-90?
Michele Colamonaco
Da sogno
Todd Branstner
Yup, definitely a throwback to the P1800ES! Nice!
Theodore S. Kane
Make it.
Nl Ik
Made in China
Paul Graziano
What do I think? I think that's my next car! (If it makes it into production, with a real manual trans)
John Marcus
Make sure it has decent tow capacity
Jerry Bean
Ruben Banuelos
Chinese owned and we wonder why we're in debt with China?
Hayden Lorell
im thinking that my next car is going to be a shooting brake
Geoff Ekenstam
European auto makers definitely know how to make a classy interior
Tom Champion
You are sure it's Volvo?
Tim Davis
Build it
Frank Samara
Gorgeous, indeed!
Mike Anthony
It's cool but isn't it basically the C30?
Brian S Davis
Flashback to the Dodge Magnum
Elaine Bythebeach
Build and they will buy it. Hot!
Patrick Duffy
PLEASE call it a "shooting brake".
Larry McKeough
BUILD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Wight
I hate wagons (who doesn't at my age) and I want one. Nice to see them continue moving away from soccer-mom cars and add some class.
Carlos Segura
make it, (and stop teasing us)
Mars Lans
With Diesel, I hope?
Biju Varughese
why does this look like an American muscle car
Nicolai Engelund Kristensen
Jep den er godt nok lækker.. Den må jeg have!!
Anders Bisgaard
Nicolai fræk vogn.
Vignesh Kutty
Gd mor....
Lee Klein
Just beautiful. I hope they make it and don't change it and bring it to the US.
Clarence Rogers
DAAAMN!!! That's what I think!
Joseph Herbias
Love it
Ehsan Sohrabi
Jayachandran Kg
Price of the vehical, Only 3 peoples elegebility to buy this car. 1st valvo cmpy owner. 2nd multi millenears, 3rd polticians.
RakeSh Sharma
Saif Shakil
C Devaun Rashard C
nice. produce as is!
Ajesh Titan Dhas
Al Lebo
Sham Byr
Damn nice....pls mass production...
Jon Kithcart
Always a sucker for a wagon/estate
Bubba Lopez
Starting to look very Japanese. .
Gopal Singh
Nice andpowerful cars
Slim Sliti
:o :'(
Rahul Bhatnagar
R Scott Torgan
for the love of all things holy , PLEASE BUILD THIS CAR (and bring it to the U.S.)
Timothy Matthew
I want it. Maybe not the brown, but it's a gorgeous car.
Vlad Kurenkov
Awesome game
Holy cow!  Gorgeous!  Retro-cool done right!

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