2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe to Debut at 2014 Geneva Auto Show

By the time the leaves change this fall, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class family will add a new range-topping luxury coupe to its stable. The 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe will take over for the outgoing CL-Class, adopting Mercedes-Benz's latest “sensual purity” design language along with all of the cutting-edge luxury and technology features expected of a Mercedes-Benz halo car. For now, it will be offered exclusively as an S550 model with 4Matic all-wheel-drive.

Dashing Design

Unsurprisingly, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe is nearly identical to the Concept S-Class Coupe that debuted at the 2013 Frankfurt auto show. Some of the flashy show-car elements from the concept, such as the chrome bar in the lower front intake, will not make it into production, but there is still plenty of bling. Among the more absurdly extravagant details are the 47 Swarovski crystals integrated into the headlamps on special S550 Edition 1 models. On these models, daytime running lamps consist of 17 angular crystals, while the remaining 30 rounded crystals compose the turn-indicator lamps. There are also a few sportier design features, such as the more sculpted side skirts and C-shaped rear bumper scoops, which underscore the S-Class coupe's performance character. 18-inch wheels come standard, but wheels up to 20 inches in diameter are available as optional equipment. Despite the coupe's long hood and flowing shape, it is actually much smaller than its four-door counterpart: 8.5 inches shorter in length and 2.8 inches lower in height, with a wheelbase that is 8.6 inches less than that of the S-Class sedan.

The interior is essentially the same as the one found in the 2014 S-Class sedan, complete with its “floating” lower dashboard positioned beneath the dual-screen digital instrument cluster and display. Standard on the S-Class coupe is a panorama roof that Mercedes-Benz says appears nearly 150 percent larger than on the CL-Class; it also features adjustable light transparency. The rear seats were designed as the individual seats, and like the front passenger and driver's seat, can be fitted with nappa leather in a diamond-shaped stitching pattern. Three new interior colors will be introduced for the two-door S-Class: Bengal red, saddle brown, and porcelain.

Like the latest S550 sedan, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic is powered by a 4.7-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine making 449 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Although the powertrain is not unique to the S-Class Coupe, the model will be the first to incorporate Mercedes-Benz's new active curve tilting technology. The technology aims to make the grand-touring coupe enter and lean into winding curves “in a manner similar to a motorcyclist or skier.” Hydraulic cylinders in each individual suspension strut respond to steering inputs, allowing the vehicle to change its body angle by up to 2.5 degrees in a fraction of a second. These changes are supposed to cause the passengers to sit more snugly in their seats, thereby lessening the sensation of lateral movement on winding roads. Although passengers may not feel the sportiness of the S-Class coupe as much, they'll surely be able to hear it thanks to the vehicle's input-sensitive exhaust note. Flaps in the exhaust system either open or close for a sportier sound depending on engine speed, and the switch points for these flaps can be changed via the car's selectable driving modes.

A Statement of Stateliness

The 2014 S-Class sedan broke new ground for Mercedes in terms of comfort, design, and technology, and set the benchmark its segment. The S-Class coupe marries those qualities with a much more expressive design language that is meant to make a statement. As Mercedes-Benz has previously said, there is a tradition of large coupes sitting atop the German automaker's lineup. Expect the S550 4Matic coupe, like the current CL-Class, to carry a six-figure price tag when it hits showrooms this fall following its debut at the 2014 Geneva auto show. No doubt the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe will attract those who want (and can afford) the absolute best in style and luxury – and aren't shy about showing it off.

Our impressions live from the Geneva show floor

Phil Kroll
Overstated front end, looks out of balance with the rest of the body... ugly comes to mind!
Anouar Ben
Mustafa Çolakoğlu
Vivek Ibhrampurkar
Tim Davis
Not really digging that front end....mmmm whale shark
Freddy Kyngofpop Burris
Probably the most perfect piece of art on wheels I've ever seen. A fashion accessory with balls. Bravo Mercedes!
Diego Alejandro Rojas Orozco
que tal el imterior
Few cars are born perfect.....behold one of them.
Zamzila Baranest Said
sukak sukak and likeeeee
Carlo Casciotti
Diseño espantoso del frente tipo " Balllena "
Timothy Alba-Wright
Amazigh Amazigh
Kevin J. Niemi
nice pic me share :)
Bufus F Franklin
The most beautiful automobile ever!!!
Robert May
another car ruined by "pedestrian safety" regulations in the front. looks pretty good from the side, but the rear looks a little too much like a buick.
Karno Nguyễn
Rík Seddon
Like. BUT. Merc needs to stop over promising with their preview 'concept cars.' As the S-Class Coupé Concept had much crisper contouring and fuller wheel arches. (Better)
John Dudley
I'm excited about a big, luxurious coupe, but from the B pillar back so many coupes today look the same.
Christian Schmidt
Sweet looking ride even if it is being built around the strict pedestrian bs regulations. great job especially if you compare it to any fugly Ghettollac.
Sam Insomniac
Interior, people. DAT INTERIOR !
Rutul Patel
symbol should nt b in this way. .. it must b on bonnet.... lk it was der in old Mercedes cars. ... dat looks royal
Kyree S. Williams
Not even close. Take a look at a C-Class coupe, and we'll talk. But not this...
Kyree S. Williams
"fluid and contemporary"---I couldn't have used better words.
Kyree S. Williams
The last two CL-Class coupes (W220 and W221) were very clumsy-looking, but this just looks so natural and svelte. Obviously nicer versions (anything greater than about $155K) will have the Bentley Continental GT in their sights, and rightfully so. I'm very pleased with it, and can't wait to see them out on the roads (or to eventually get one myself!) :P
Veeresh Aras
please I want features of this car
Sylvain Raymond
those who dun like can go buy a Buick… LOL!!!!!
Sylvain Raymond
LOVELY car, very cool looks fluid and contemporary!!!!
John Dudley
That's a lovely Accord.
Steve Yelich
Anshul Yadav
Carlos Clivilles
That looks pretty good!
Mark Fraser
That front end is terrible. I hate these pedestrian impact regulations that making cars ugly.
Kiera Holman
Holy universe..you have done it again..Evin Cigdem Deniz
Bradford Mahler
Can't wait to see her topless!
Evin Cigdem Deniz
Kiera Holman
Laurent Becher
Sayis Mhd
Pls like Sayis Mhd

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