Renault Altica Concept

February 16, 2006
0603 Geneva 029+2006 Renault Altica Concept Open Door+front View
Like so many concept vehicles shown this past year, the Renault Altica attempts to combine small size and athletic styling with space, comfort, and utility (look what you've started, Mini.) We think it does a pretty good job of that. The car's low stance, scissor doors, and big wheels achieve a sporty attitude with ease. There are also a number of storage areas to boost the utility factor, including a fold-out tray under the rear cargo floor and fold-away rear seats for more luggage area. The Altica's seats are fixed, and instead, the pedals, gauges, and center armrest that adjust to accommodate different drivers. The speedometer has two modes: "Comfort" mode displays the car's speed digitally in the center of the gauge, while the legal speed limits of the area are displayed around the perimeter. In "Sport," the perimeter becomes a tachometer. The coolest feature, though, has to be the mosaic design of the rear windows which, when viewed from the inside, imitates a stained glass pattern.
0603 Geneva 019+2006 Renault Altica Concept+gauge View
0603 Geneva 039+2006 Renault Altica Concept+side View
0603 Geneva 049+2006 Renault Altica Concept+rear Right View
0603 Geneva 059+2006 Renault Altica Concept+front Interior View


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