Rinspeed Senso Concept

February 17, 2005
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0503 Geneva 01+2006 Rinspeed Senso Concept+rear Side View
Swiss automotive think-tank Rinspeed is showing its latest outlandish brainchild, the Senso, at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. As you might guess from the name, the Senso is all about appealing to the driver's senses. The concept car perceives your attitude by studying a number of your biometrics, such as your pulse. It can also examine how well you move through traffic. With all the data from its sensor technology feeding through a centralized computer system, the car determines if you need to be stimulated or relaxed. It can compensate for less-than-optimal driving attitude by firing back with colored patterns on its four LCD screens or by playing either a rousing or soothing soundtrack. The car can even release a citrus-grapefruit fart in your direction if you start to fall asleep.
Don't be surprised if you also catch a whiff of burning natural gas, as that is the fuel employed by the 3.2-liter, 250-horsepower flat-six lifted from the Porsche Boxster. The clean powerplant can get the 3047-pound three-seat roadster to 60 in 5.9 seconds. Chances that you'll ever see the Senso on the streets are zero, but automakers may someday adopt some of its mood-ring gadgetry to monitor us as we navigate the urban jungle. Call us crazy, but a car that starts complaining when it thinks we're driving too aggressively sounds downright annoying; our significant others do enough of that.
0503 Geneva 02+2006 Rinspeed Senso Concept+front Interior View
0503 Geneva 03+2006 Rinspeed Senso Concept+rear View
0503 Geneva 04+2006 Rinspeed Senso Concept+rear Side View


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