2005 GENEVA: Rinspeed Chopster

February 18, 2005
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0503 Geneva 01+2006 Rinspeed Chopster+rear Right View
Rinspeed has a long history of molesting Porsches, and it doesn't disappoint with its latest production car, the Chopster, which is based on the Cayenne Turbo. The depth of modification goes far beyond a taped-on body kit, though. Most strikingly, 2.75 inches have been sliced from the roofline. In combination with the bulging wheel arches, the effect is what Rinspeed calls "the image of an American football player whose outfit and athleticism stands for enormous strength and assertiveness." We can't say that we like the idea of modeling cars after football players, but we do like the idea of shoving 610 horsepower under the hood. A revised exhaust system, new intercoolers, and tweaked turbos make for a 160-hp advantage over the standard Cayenne Turbo. Twenty-three-inch rims wrapped in ultrahigh-performance Continental rubber help haul the 5500-pound behemoth to 62 mph in a physics-law-busting 4.4 seconds. The Chopster will bust the bank too--it starts at nearly $430,000.
0503 Geneva 02+2006 Rinspeed Chopster+side View
0503 Geneva 03+2006 Rinspeed Chopster+front Side View
0503 Geneva 04+2006 Rinspeed Chopster+front View


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