Hyundai HED1 Concept

March 2, 2005
0503 Geneva 01+2006 Hyundai Hed1 Concept+front View
This was another of those concept cars that had a lot of grounding in reality, as it's aimed squarely at the B-segment MPVs that are currently at the heart of the European market. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the vehicle was its styling, because it shows that Korean cars can look hip and sophisticated, and is a far cry from vehicles like the Accent and Elantra. Inside, there were lots of very cool concept-y features, such as front seats that swiveled and a tray table that popped up, perfect for those occasions when you stop by the roadside and decide to work or have a picnic. In the same vein as many of the cars at Geneva, interior versatility was a major theme, with the rear seats sliding fore and aft electrically. The best feature, though, was the use of touch-sensitive controls for minor functions such as the exterior mirrors and handbrake.
0503 Geneva 02+2006 Hyundai Hed1 Concept+interior View
0503 Geneva 03+2006 Hyundai Hed1 Concept+open Rear View
0503 Geneva 04+2006 Hyundai Hed1 Concept+front Side View


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