2005 Daihatsu Sirion

February 21, 2005
0503 Geneva 11+2005 Daihatsu Sirion+rear Side View
Toyota's Daihatsu brand of minicars is aiming to move its way out of Japan with models such as this Italdesign Giugiaro-penned Sirion, which goes on sale in Europe in March. It is larger than both the last-generation Sirion and its Toyota Yaris stablemate, which is set to debut later this year in Frankfurt. Daihatsu offers 1.0- and 1.3-liter I-4 engines, the latter showing off a world first in technology: a catalytic converter using regenerative palladium ions which alternate in and out of a crystalline state, extending the converter's ability to clean exhaust gasses. If the system proves effective, expect it on American Toyota products in the future. As for the Sirion itself, don't hold your breath for it coming to our shores anytime soon.
0503 Geneva 12+2005 Daihatsu Sirion+side View
0503 Geneva 13+2005 Daihatsu Sirion+front View
0503 Geneva 14+2005 Daihatsu Sirion+front Right View


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