2005: Bertone Villa Concept

By Automobile Magazine - March 1, 2005
0503 Geneva 01+2006 Bertone Villa Concept+front Side View
If you are going to produce a concept car, the saying goes, make it look like a concept. Well, the Villa is never going to make it into production, but it shows the Italian design house's thinking about a future one-box luxury car. Bertone chose the Cadillac SRX as the basis of the vehicle because, according to Cadillac general manager Jim Taylor, "they said that we were the only luxury marque who might have the courage to do something like this." If Taylor's manner were any clue, Cadillac isn't quite that brave, but he did admire the amount of interior space inside the Villa. Bertone used slim-line front seats with a reclining sofa-style rear seat. The most radical features of the Villa were the amount of glass on the exterior and the lack of a conventional dashboard inside. Instead, Bertone collaborated with Bose to use a home theatre-style 23-inch flat screen for driver information. The Villa joins its show-car brethren in supporting the mega-sized wheel and tire market with 245/40-22s at the front and 305/35-24s at the back.
0503 Geneva 02+2006 Bertone Villa Concept+interior View
0503 Geneva 03+2006 Bertone Villa Concept+rear Side View
0503 Geneva 04+2006 Bertone Villa Concept+rear View
0503 Geneva 05+2006 Bertone Villa Concept+front View
0503 Geneva 06+2006 Bertone Villa Concept+front Left View


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