Lexus LF-NX Concept First Look

Lexus's so-called "L-finesse" design language, highlighted with bold, strong edges and capped with the inverted "spindle grille," has invoked controversy ever since its debut on the 2013 GS, but no Lexus design will prove as scandalous as the new Lexus LF-NX concept crossover, which debuts at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show next week.

Lexus claims the LF-NX concept previews both a future compact crossover model, as well as a future evolution of the L-Finesse design theme. Press materials describe the concept's exterior as "distinctive" and "sculpted." The latter certainly rings true, as the LF-NX's sheetmetal boasts more geometric planes than a crumpled ball of paper. It's as if someone adapted Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall into a vehicle, down to the brushed silver finish.

Lexus' release suggests the LF-NX uses a "strong" interpretation of the spindle grille, which apparently equates to it stretching from hood to front skidplate. Two large, vertical air intakes flank the grille, and give way to the bugling front fenders. A triad of slim, LED headlamp elements are placed beneath thin eyebrows, while Lexus' signature L-shaped LED running lamps are mounted separately from the headlamp assemblies, much like the most recent IS sedan.

The LF-NX's tail makes its nose look conservative. An inverted triangular light catcher placed just above the rocker sills bumps into the crossover's flared rear fenders, which end abruptly just before the bumper. Lexus' press materials praise this "sharp, vertical cut line," which helps form arrow-shaped surfaces that wrap up and into the rear hatch, echoing the long, slender tail lamps. Arguably, the cleanest surfaces on the LF-NX are the door panels, which do without conventional door handles or ornamentation, and are interrupted only by a downward kink placed just aft of the front fenders.

The design isn't any less wild inside the LF-NX. Designers claim this cockpit is a "Human Oriented" design, but the combination of orange and black leather trim, along with two giant, bright blue LCD touchscreens placed in the metallic center stack, seems a bit distracting. Lexus also eliminated most physical switchgear, opting instead to use blue touch-sensitive pads for the infotainment interface and power window switches, amongst other functions.

Mechanical details are unavailable at this time, but Lexus claims the concept uses a new variant of its familiar hybrid drive system. We've heard whispers that a production version of this vehicle will use a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and a hybrid drivetrain. The same vehicle will likely share its underpinnings with the Toyota RAV4, and go on sale -- at least in Europe -- by 2016.

That Lexus' portfolio could use a sub-RX crossover to compete against vehicles like the BMW X1, Audi Q3, and the new Mercedes-Benz GLA is a given, but need it look as wild as the LF-NX? Time will tell if the concept's disjointed creases, planes, and bulges are carried into the production vehicle.

Luciano Noceti
Ugly, no matter what... yeap! So ugly...! :/
Ab Dee El
wow Would look better toned down a bit but promising
Ara Arzumanyan
Pontiac Aztec may sleep relaxed, here is next ''most ugly'' car! ;)
Move over Pontiac Aztec, here is your replacement for the ugliest vehicle on the planet.
What a hideous mess.  Over the top much Lexus? 
Lexus of Orland - Chicago Lexus - Used Lexus Dealer
Love it!
Surinder Kumar
what a nice car who madee
Lexus PLEASE build it! I am so tired of boring, conforming designs. Be different, when I bought my EX50, it was due to its unique design. The Cayenne was not compelling, the VW Touareg was better looking, who would of thought? I am ready for another "move the needle" design, build it and I will driving it!
Tahmina Mili
Kevin Radakovits
Ugly car
CJ Roberts
It's Cadillac art and science gone wrong.
Frank Samara
Lexus design, as of late, has become increasingly polarizing. They are trying to be edgy...but they are losing class along the way.
How many manufacturers do this with the grill--where they stretch it from top to bottom?  Let's see, there's Audi, of course, the Chevrolet Aveo, and now the Sonic, there's Mitsubishi (I always thought they ruined the Outlander when they did that!), looks like Toyota is hopping on the bandwagon with the new Corolla, there's a Dodge or two, like the Dart and the SRT Charger.  My point is, this is a styling fad, and not a very good one.   Like the tail-fins of yesteryear, they will age quickly and die out.
Adhikya RK
yeh tho kithna gandha hai
Travis McGough
And this is what I think:
Matt Simmons
At least 1 company is pushing the envelope in design these days. NEVER thought it would be Lexus. Proud of them. I don't love it, but I love that they are trying. They nailed it with the IS. It is beautiful.
Anthony Medina
Sick ride papa
Jay Skullangel Michael
This concept gave me cancer...
Domingo Lopez Jr.
Darth Vader Really!!! Star Wars Is Over . And black paint and off to the movies.
Scott Raflo
Thats.. Fugly.
Randall E Dinsdale
Andrés Pittavino
Darth Vader
Michael Dunmire
Ugly, just like everything else with the L logo on it lately.
Brian A Clark
Hideous... simply hideous...
Vaibhav Shukla
Super Black Monster ,,Unleashing All Limits
Majid Asadi
چه خفن لامصب.
Kyree S. Williams
The folks at Lexus have lost their everloving minds. This beats out the current Lexus GX (which recently got the spindle-grille) for worst-looking Lexus SUV ever. They even cribbed the squarish rear and odd lights from the plebeian RAV-4. I hope to God that this doesn't hint at the next RX, because that would be ruining a good thing...
Alonso Lobo
Larry Williams
Jesús Ocampo Reza
Esta horrible solo que pasen 5 años y estará más fea.
Richard Macintyre
does it meed pedestrian safety standards? It looks like it would shred somebody! LOL it's intriguing, I assume it looks better in person
James Procell
Walter White's Pontiac Aztec has a better design than this awful thing.
Paul Graziano
Alan Johnstone
Hate It too much UGLY in car design.
Royd Bunuan Delos Santos
ohh no another ugly design.. i love lexus brand but not this design its too ugly.. LEXUS PLS BE CREATIVE ON YOUR DESIGN =(
Greg Lane
so how many lines are on this thing??looks like someone just started drawing lines with a ruler
Jose Byron Gonzalez
Just when you thought Lexus could not get any uglier....
Michael Steven Chavez
What an ugly POS!
Oscar Patiño Trenco
i like it.
Alex Mujica Jr
bold, new, & different. give it a go. & c'mon ppl, this is a concept. the final product wouldnt look exact & hints at other future designs that would set it apart from it previous bland-design offerings
Gary Moison
Hate it w a passion
Wishnoe Broto
Hate it... Yuck!
Fonzo Ro Ma
That's even uglier than Walter White's Pontiac
Ora Robinson
This is not cute, I thought Lexus had more class than this!
Arnie Prichep
I really like the aggressive angular lines, looks like a Lambo design.
Ramon Cruz Gonzales
Robert Lanzas
We present to you the Lexus WT-F crossover concept...
Larry Qualls
Love that grill!
Larry Qualls
Lexus is killing it with their new edgy styling!!!

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