Jaguar C-X17 Concept First Look

Jaguar's first-ever crossover, the C-X17 concept bowing at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, is really a preview of future sedans. The cesium blue show car rides on a brand-new aluminum chassis that Jaguar will use to build a mid-size sport sedan in two years’ time (it will go on sale in the U.S. a year later, in 2016). For now, the C-X17 crossover hints at the styling and performance direction of all future Jaguar models.

The crossover’s nose draws directly from the Jaguar XF sedan, its stubby and upright grille familiar from most of the brand's existing cars. Full-LED headlights and J-shaped running lights accent the front, while prominent creases run from the corners of the grille to the B-pillar. On the back, narrow taillights and wide haunches recall the tail of the Jaguar F-Type roadster. A slightly canted roof with a panoramic glass sunroof and a steeply angled liftgate complete the crossover silhouette. Twenty-three-inch wheels confirm that this is a concept car.

Jaguar will confirm precious little about the aluminum chassis it uses for the C-X17 concept car, only affirming that the setup is strong, light, and easily adaptable to different types of vehicles. Corporate sibling Land Rover used aluminum to cut several hundred pounds out of the new Range Rover, so it stands to reason Jaguar's next sedan could go on an equally impressive diet. Moreover, Jaguar claims it will be able to increase its vehicle production capacity in Solihull, England, thanks to efficiencies of the new aluminum platform, while designers will have broader ability to craft multiple types of vehicle atop the chassis.

On and off the beaten path

In keeping with its sporting purpose, the Jaguar C-CX17 concept is said to be designed for on-road driving first. Its center of gravity is low and, thanks to aluminum construction, its overall weight is low. The standard all-wheel-drive system is biased toward the rear wheels and has torque vectoring to help steer the car through corners. At the same time, Jaguar endowed the crossover with a modicum of off-road ability, giving it 8.3 inches of ground clearance and a switch to pick from Road, Sport, and All-Road driving modes.

Both the Jaguar C-X17 concept and the sedan that debuts in 2015 will use a new series of turbo-diesel and turbo-gasoline engines, which the company says will emit fewer than 100 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer -- the lowest emissions yet from any modern Jaguar. Also on the order sheet is the 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 from the F-Type, which produces either 340 hp or 380 hp, depending on options, in the roadster. That powertrain will propel the promised sedan to 186 mph, Jaguar claims.

Connolly leather and milled aluminum dominate the four-seat interior, along with gloss-black trim and multiple LCD screens. Vertical slats, with cutouts to allow for more rear headroom, cover the enormous glass roof panel. Up front, a pair of LCD screens takes the place of normal instruments in the two-binnacle cluster, and a head-up display is available. Jaguar's next-generation infotainment system sits atop the dashboard, and a rotary dial on the center console is used to shift the C-X17 concept's automatic transmission.

Interconnected screens on the full-length center console form what Jaguar calls the Interactive Surface Console. The color touchscreen lets passengers share photos, videos, music, and more from their smartphones; by "flicking" content on the screen, it can be shared with other passengers in the car. The ISC also has its own wireless network. A 12-speaker Meridian sound system, similar to the ones already offered in Jaguar Land Rover products, comes standard in the C-X17 concept.

Three more years

While Jaguar will almost certainly launch a crossover in the vein of the C-X17 concept, the biggest news is that the automaker has confirmed plans to enter the midsize sport-sedan segment. Due by 2015 in Europe and in 2016 for the United States, the car will give Jaguar a chance at fighting the likes of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the BMW 3 Series, and the Cadillac ATS. Its aluminum architecture should keep weight low, improving both performance and fuel economy, and the car's lower entry price will help lure new, younger customers to the Jaguar brand. The C-X17 concept is certainly alluring, but we're even more eager to see the sedan.

As Jake Holmes reports, C-X17 most importantly is first dip into aluminum-intensive sedan to chase 3-series, but the architecture will also underpin the next-generation mid-size XF sedan, which is currently steel. Jaguar Land Rover is all-in with aluminum these days.
Rick Reny
I don't see why not, Jag is missing out on an entire product segment. A segment which already has offerings from Jaguar competitors Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. This just makes good business sense. On a side note, I would personally never buy an SUV/x-over. The biggest car I would consider owning is a sedan, but I generally prefer coupes.
Terence Stawski
Like the auto market needs more SUVs
Jamie Kitman
Why bother?
Brennan Shanks
about dang time.
Sean McCulley
Oh look, Mazda makes Jaguars now. Cool. At least now they'll be reliable, economical and fun to drive!
Jigar Chaudhari
nice .....carrrrrr
Brandt Love
Range Rover Evoque anyone?
Kenneth Herbert
I thought it made perfect sense that Jaguar built cars and corporate relative Land Rover built SUVs. This makes no sense.
Alsson Mata
That is sweet. Price it right and I may buy one
Andrew Priatko
Make it
Rob White
If you told me it was a Mazda, I`d believe it.
Dennis San Vicente
Gonna be Jaguar's ...biggest seller eva.
I'm just a little disappointed.  Had hoped Jaguar would stick to luxury/sports cars in keeping with its long tradition.  Now this!  Well at least it looks more like a Brake and less like a box.  And it will have the new light weight aluminum frame, in keeping with other Jags so it should be sporting and not ponderous.
Matt Falconer
*sigh*..... whatever it takes to fund the sports car expenditures, I guess.
El Stig
Alonso Lobo
Looks like a mix of bmw x5 and jeep grand cherookee .
Johnny Em
I agree! Wouldn't a Shooting Brake be more in line with what Jaguar stands for? I am disappointed that Bentley is moving ahead with an SUV too.
Jake Chapman
Absolutely stunning! Might eat up Evoque sales. Looks a wee bit like an Evoque + CX-5 lovechild.
Manuel Solo Rolo Mendoza
Angus MacKenzie
Hmmm...not quite there I'm afraid. Proportions seem off. Too hefty and mediocre on profile. Agree they should stick to F-type like items
Sue Jolley
Not keen....doesn't look classy enough.
Jim Floyd
Like it better than the Evoque! let's see more
Davy Secondclasscitizen Beam
Jaguar does not need a wagon body on a truck chassis. You need an SUV, buy Land Rover. You want a luxury touring sedan, coupé, wagon, shooting brake, sports tourer, grand tourer, sports car, convertibles galore in many sizes and shapes-buy Jaguar. Pushing the SUV and CUV stupidity must stop. There is a real reason Marques fail. Dilution of a brand name is a deadly choice to make.
Chris Hughson
I liked it when it came out to years ago. Wait this isn't the Evoque? Sorry never mind.
Vitaliy Pankov
After the latest Lexus anything looks great. This Jag is looking good, though. Love the proportions and stance.
Dhruv Mehta
i love the colour of this
Mike Lurie
It looks like the evoque with a different grille
I thought Jag was now separate from Ford (and thus Mazda)? But I sure do see a lot of Edge, CX-7 and Cx-9 in this!!

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