Volvo Concept Coupe First Look

Volvo's senior vice president of design, Thomas Ingenlath, freely admits that the Swedish automaker's recent cars have looked "vanilla" -- in other words, bland and unexciting. So the first vehicle he styled after arriving at the company a year ago is supposed to redefine Volvo styling and set a new course for upcoming cars. "Our future cars will show that there are new, exciting ways to express Sweden's soul," Ingenlath says. The Concept Coupe is the first of three show cars that will pave the way toward that new design language.

Volvo envisions the Concept Coupe as a modern-day interpretation of its classic P1800, which began production 53 years ago. In profile, many similarities are evident: a long, low hood; a set-back cab; a plunging roofline; a stubby tail. But every detail of the Concept Coupe is thoroughly modern. It starts with skinny, horizontal headlights and bracket-shaped LED taillights, designs which Volvo says will inform the look of all its future models. The enormous, chrome-trimmed grille bears Volvo's familiar diagonal "Iron Mark" emblem, and the company says an evolution of the grille seen on this car will adorn the face of the next XC90 crossover. Twenty-one inch wheels, strong character lines, dramatically flared rear haunches, and a full-glass roof identify the Volvo Concept Coupe as a truly modern car.

Inside, too, Volvo has thoroughly reimagined what its cars should look like. The snug 2+2 cabin boasts a wraparound dashboard made from leather, wood, and metal. A vertical touchscreen forms most of the center stack and, as with the similar infotainment system in the Tesla Model S, controls almost all of the car's functions. A head-up display helps keep the driver's eyes on the road as much as possible. The top of the shifter is made from handcrafted crystal, a design element that Ingenlath describes as a "sparkling sensation."

Nuts and Bolts

The Volvo Concept Coupe rides on the company's Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). Like Volkswagen's MQB, SPA is a modular platform that can stretch and shrink to accommodate vehicles of many different sizes. Volvo SPA cars will feature semi-autonomous features, most likely including systems that automatically steer in traffic jams or park the car without driver input.

A plug-in hybrid arrangement powers the Concept Coupe and provides a strong hint at Volvo's future powertrain plans. Up front, a 2.0-liter turbo-four gasoline engine is supercharged and turbocharged, while an electric motor/generator drives the rear axle. Volvo says this powertrain produces a total of 400 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque with far lower emissions than would be produced by a comparably powered V-8. The company has publicly committed to moving away from larger engines in favor of four-cylinders and hybrids, and it already sells a Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid in Europe, albeit with a diesel engine turning the front wheels.

Back To Reality

It is a gorgeous show car, but the Concept Coupe is really a roadmap for future Volvos. The company says it shows the possibilities of its new SPA architecture and a peek at Volvo’s future design direction. That suggests Volvo will eventually build a production coupe based on the Concept Coupe’s design. In the short term, though, Volvo says the Concept Coupe is the first of three concepts that will lead up to the production of the next-generation Volvo XC90 crossover. The XC90 is expected to debut in 2014 and will be the first new model built on an SPA chassis. How much of the Concept Coupe’s design language will carry over remains to be seen, but expect to at least see a version of the grille, taillights, and infotainment system shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show to appear on the next-generation XC90.

Er Gaurav Bahl
Luciano Noceti
Love everithing in it, but the grill in the front! Kind of old oldsmobile's grille with the Volvo's logo in it...? mmm... Better the square grille ones! It's a Volvo's identity...
Ab Dee El
Stunning Great Job Volvo!!!
Nice car
Abhinay Kumar
its good
Dent Impressions Ltd.
Rear end looks crazy good.. front end doesn't fit this concept look.
Chusheel Srinivas
Chusheel Srinivas
Please make 4seats
ßigda Shehzada Anup
lol side view :p
Peter Julius Cosimo
like the Kamm back
Andy Meyer
If I wanted a Camaro, I'd buy it from Chevrolet.
Aziz Darwish
Wow Volvo
UnRated Flair
We like if from the front ;-)
Robert Lopez
The rear still needs some work - doesnt quite fit the rest of the nice design of the rest of the car
Maxx Marcel Jones
the rearend is the best look...good jov volvo
Richard Macintyre
have you ever seen an 1800?
Angus B Haggis
Yes very lets see them put the Swedish berries where their mouth holes are and build the thing!
Richard Macintyre
the rear references the P1800. This addiction to seeing similarities to other cars, has to stop, it's gotten sad. Yes, many lines on many cars are "similar" today but looking closely or knowing cars in person, shows how dissimilar they are. And Ford has not owned Volvo or Aston Martin for years now. Sorry for the rant but it would be nice to see a beautiful car that isn't followed by 100 comments about what other car it looks like.
Harshit Kandara
THATS the catalyke LOOK..
Josh Jenkins
It's too square. Needs to look more like the P1800. With more pronounced haunches, and a curve or two.
Kyree S. Williams
That hardly looks like the Accord Coupe. It seems to draw from Volvo's classic P1800. However, since there's not a RWD platform to put this car on, it probably won't get produced...
Gagandeep Khurana
Fonzo Ro Ma
Why do we need yet another Honda Accord look-alike ?
Jeevan Bittu
Vinoth Kumar
obviously its rear view
Gene W. Phillips
Hope they build it and bring it over here.
Kevin Kevz Dominguez
Nice brick.
Michael Dunmire
I've never been a Volvo fan, but the front of this looks much better than the rear...which is about what I think that part looks like. :)
Robert Jordan
LOVE this design, looks amazing from every angle.
Andrew Rafalaf
All of them. Just gorgeous.
It's a camaro clone ;-)
Jeffin Akash
don AUTOMOBILE department
Clotaire Henri Delineau
toute la voiture ( j adore )
Sidney Koss
Me in the driver's seat.
Aung Heine
yes , rear
Inspirational Thoughts SID
I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. - Michael Jordan Checkout this page for more motivational quotes :)
Mat Richter
they are both fantastic... build it!
Chris Story
Andy Cohen
I see a lot of CTS and Camaro back there
David Hand
It doesn't have a bad angle. They went a bit too far with the gauge cluster. Otherwise, I'm in love.
Ron D'Alessandro
Jeremy Detwiler
Silver Camaro?
Banjo Castro
The rear looks like a squared off Vanquish/One-77, but I like it! :D I just hope that Astons won't look too much like Ford/Volvo in the near future...
Prashant Patil
amazing carrrrrrrrrr...
Shoaib Chandio
Bruno Gomes
Amazing. But it looks like a A5 Audi.
Tim Nofullname
Looks oddly like a better version of the Camaro than Chevy was able to create.
Mark Starrett
nice to see a practical concept that could easily be sold today.... nice design for sure
Charles Sinkus
damn! :D lookin "Audi"ish cept totally BADASS! :D
Mattso Samsonite

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