2007 Hyundai i-Blue

September 4, 2007
0709 Z+2007 Hyundai I Blue+side
Coming to Frankfurt - but not a dealership near you - is Hyundai's i-Blue Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. This hydrogen-powered vehicle was developed at Hyundai's Design and Technical Center in Chiba, Japan, is Hyundai's first-ever model designed from day one to run on fuel cell technology.
Unlike previous fuel-cell concepts, the i-Blue isn't built on an SUV platform. Instead, it's a 2+2 crossover, which Hyundai says signifies a huge step towards the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles.
Fair enough - but we hope the next fuel-cell concept has a catchier name. i-Blue my nose? i-Blue my engine? C'mon.


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