2007 Honda Accord Tourer Concept

Sam Smith

Honda's Accord Tourer Concept doesn't quite look like the car that will debut at the 2008 Geneva auto show later this year, but that doesn't matter: We love it all the same. Yes, that's right: We just said that we absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt love the way a Honda station wagon looks.

We must be on crack.

Regardless, Honda's new styling direction is a good one. If previous Accords have stunk of middle-of-the-road conformity and simple inoffensiveness, then the current generation - the just-released coupe and sedan - effectively reverses that tide. Honda is mum as far as specification, but the production Accord Tourer's technical specs aren't likely to be much different from those of the European-market sedan.

(Oh, and in case you're wondering, this car bears no relation to the American-market Accord. The European Accord is our Acura TSX, and we don't get the wagon version of that car anyway, which makes all of this moot. Sad, but moot.)

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