FRANKFURT: Toyota Endo Concept

September 7, 2005
0509 Frankfurt 01+2006 Toyota Endo Concept+open Rear Left View
As European cities become ever more unfriendly to cars, most major automakers are looking at producing small city cars that are easy to park and use in congested environments. The Endo concept is a tiny two-door three-seater that has doors that hinge away from the body to save space in narrow parking lots. The Endo is very compact, with three seats and a folding fourth, which takes up what little space exists behind the front pews. And, as with all telephone booths on wheels, we wonder about its crashworthiness. We also wonder if Toyota intentionally named the car with vernacular for marijuana.
0509 Frankfurt 02+2006 Toyota Endo Concept+rear View
0509 Frankfurt 03+2006 Toyota Endo Concept+front Side View
0509 Frankfurt 04+2006 Toyota Endo Concept+dashboard View


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