Mazda Sassou Concept

September 1, 2005
0509 Frankfurt 019+2006 Mazda Sassou Concept+front Side View
The Mazda Sassou reveals a possible future design direction for the maker's small cars. The Sassou debuted at the Frankfurt show, appropriate given that it was designed nearby at Mazda's German design center. The three-door hatchback concept has a turbocharged, three-cylinder gasoline engine that features a direct-injection ignition and displaces 1.0 liter. Like so many Japanese cars, the quirky-looking Sassou is touted as "a lightweight, urban vehicle for young, first-time car buyers." Since U.S. buyers--even first-timers--prefer heavy metal, don't look for anything resembling the Sassou at your neighborhood Mazda store in the United States in the foreseeable future.
0509 Frankfurt 029+2006 Mazda Sassou Concept+rear Side View
0509 Frankfurt 039+2006 Mazda Sassou Concept+top Front Side View
0509 Frankfurt 049+2006 Mazda Sassou Concept+front Interior View


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