Kia Multi-S Concept

September 13, 2005
0509 Frankfurt 019+2006 Kia Multi S Concept+front Right View
To show that it can play the crossover/sport-wagon game too, Kia brought out the Multi-S concept at Frankfurt. This tall wagon, whose design has vague overtones of the BMW X3, is just under 179 inches long and sits on a 106.3 inch wheelbase. The two-tone cream-and-gray, five-seat interior is attractive and is brightened by two multipaned sunroofs. Under the hood is a Euro-friendly 2.0-liter turbo-diesel mated to an automatic transmission with a dash-mounted gearshift. There is nothing particularly remarkable about the Multi-S, except perhaps that it indicates just how pedestrian the whole crossover/sport-wagon thing has become.
0509 Frankfurt 029+2006 Kia Multi S Concept+side View
0509 Frankfurt 039+2006 Kia Multi S Concept+front Corner View
0509 Frankfurt 049+2006 Kia Multi S Concept+rear Corner View
0509 Frankfurt 059+2006 Kia Multi S Concept+front Interior View
0509 Frankfurt 069+2006 Kia Multi S Concept+interior View
0509 Frankfurt 079+2006 Kia Multi S Concept+rear Interior View


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