Jeep Patriot Concept

August 19, 2005
0509 01 900+Jeep Patriot Concept+Front Passenger Side View
The Jeep Patriot was one of a pair of Jeep concepts that portend two new entry-level models. Both are due next year, and are based mechanically on the upcoming Dodge Caliber. The Patriot's rectilinear styling is designed to echo the recently departed Cherokee, which is now seen as iconic. The concept is fully decked out in off-road regalia, and Jeep executives claim that a production Patriot would be "Trail Rated" despite its car-based underpinnings. (The Caliber, you'll recall, is Dodge's Neon replacement, a four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive, four-door hatchback.) Whereas the Compass is an untraditional-looking Jeep that aims to bring new buyers to the brand, the Patriot is aimed at Jeep loyalists.
0509 02 900+Jeep Patriot Concept+Rear Passenger Side View
0509 03 900+Jeep Patriot Concept+Front Passenger Side View
0509 04 900+Jeep Patriot Concept+Passenger Side Headlight View
0509 02 900+Jeep Patriot Concept+Front View
0509 03 900+Jeep Patriot Concept+Passenger Side View


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