Daimler Super Eight

August 19, 2005
0510 Frankfurt 049+2006 Daimler Super Eight+rear Side View
The Daimler Super Eight is essentially a fancified Jaguar XJ long-wheelbase sedan fitted with all the top-level XJ options. The British car company Daimler began building cars in 1897 and was purchased by Jaguar in 1962. Over the past couple of decades, Daimlers have been little more than gussied up and rebadged Jaguar XJs. The last Daimlers built were 2002 models, and there's hardly been a clamoring for their return. Unique exterior features of the Super Eight include fluted grille and trunk trim, chrome-highlighted taillights, and bespoke wheels. Inside, the car gets more supple leather, picnic trays, and Daimler badging. Power comes from the 390-hp, 4.2-liter supercharged V-8 found in the XJR and Super V8, so it should be good for five-second sprints to 60 mph. The Super Eight will cost nearly $150,000 in the United Kingdom, but it won't be offered here in the U.S., not that anyone without royal heritage will miss it. In case you require British-rooted opulence for less money than the $170,000 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, the top Jaguar in the U.S. is the new 2006 Super V8 Portfolio--also XJ based--which starts at $115,995.
0510 Frankfurt 029+2006 Daimler Super Eight+clock View
0510 Frankfurt 039+2006 Daimler Super Eight+grill View
0510 Frankfurt 019+2006 Daimler Super Eight+front Interior View
0510 Frankfurt 059+2006 Daimler Super Eight+rear Side View
0510 Frankfurt 069+2006 Daimler Super Eight+front Side View
0510 Frankfurt 079+2006 Daimler Super Eight+headrest Screens View
0510 Frankfurt 089+2006 Daimler Super Eight+rear View


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