Daihatsu HVS Concept

September 13, 2005
0509 Frankfurt 019+2006 Daihatsu Hvs Concept+front Side View
This terrific little sports car shows that hybrids can be fun, ratherthan just worthy. The HVS (Hybrid Vehicle Sports) uses a 1.5-literfour-cylinder engine that makes 103 hp allied to three electric motorsthat add another 75 hp to the party. Daihatsu claims that this gives theperformance of a 2.0-liter car with the gas consumption of a 1.0-litervehicle--and as it achieves more than 50 mpg on the European combinedfuel cycle, they aren't lying. Like the Copen sports roadster, the HVSis front-wheel drive, but uses a continuously variable transmission inplace of a five-speed stick.
0509 Frankfurt 029+2006 Daihatsu Hvs Concept+rear Side View
0509 Frankfurt 039+2006 Daihatsu Hvs Concept+front Interior View
0509 Frankfurt 049+2006 Daihatsu Hvs Concept+front View


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