2014 BMW 2 Series Coupe First Look

BMW's influx of even-numbered models continues with the 2014 2 Series coupe. The 2 Series replaces the BMW 1 Series coupe in the U.S. market as part of BMW's strategy to reserve odd-numbered model names for vehicles with more than two doors. (The BMW 3 Series sedan begat the 4 Series coupe, for instance.) The 2014 BMW 228i and M235i coupes will be making their public debut at the 2014 Detroit auto show before going on sale in the U.S. in March 2014.

The BMW 2 Series coupe picks up the basic three-box silhouette of the outgoing 1 Series coupe, albeit in a larger form. The coupe grows by 2.8 inches in length and 1.3 inches in width. As a result, it is just 4.3 inches shorter than a BMW 3 Series sedan and only 8.1 inches shorter overall than the new 4 Series coupe. The upshot of this increased footprint is more interior room; BMW says that headroom, rear legroom, and trunk capacity all increase compared with the 1 Series coupe.

On the outside, the BMW 2 Series wears the company's traditional kidney grilles, which are flanked by dramatically swept-back headlight housings isolated from the grilles by a small swath of sheetmetal. Large air intakes adorn the lower fascia, which features the drag-reducing Air Curtain flaps also seen on the larger 4 Series coupe. A sharp crease extends through the door handles, and a softer swage line kicks upward behind each door and leads into the rear wheel arch. Behind the frameless door, the roofline plummets toward a short decklid and a nearly flat tail adorned by LED taillights. The overall appearance is of a modernized, sharper 1 Series coupe.

The same approach has been taken inside, where the BMW 2 Series greets occupants with a pair of analog instruments, a center stack canted slightly toward the driver's seat, a 60/40-split folding rear seat, and a broad center console with the same joystick-like automatic transmission shifter (a six-speed manual is also available) and round iDrive controller. Dual-zone climate control, iDrive with a 6.5-inch screen, Bluetooth, a USB port, and two cupholders are all standard. Upgrading to navigation bumps the iDrive system's screen to 8.8 inches diagonally and adds a touch-sensitive controller on which drivers can "write" numbers or letters.

Two Models, Two Engines, Two Transmissions
BMW has broken the 2 Series coupe into two distinct models, the 228i and the M235i. The former uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine that produces 240 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. With the standard six-speed manual transmission, BMW predicts fuel economy ratings of 22/34 mpg (city/highway); the optional eight-speed automatic is expected to return 23/35 mpg. The 228i also promises a 5.4-second sprint to 60 mph when using the eight-speed transmission's Launch Control mode, as well as a top speed limited to either 130 mph or 155 mph, depending on options packaging.

Despite the impressive performance figures, the 228i still has a clear focus on efficiency. Engine stop-start is standard, as is a coasting feature that can disconnect the engine from the automatic transmission when the driver lifts his or her foot from the accelerator. Models with navigation have a function called Active Driving Assistant that tells the driver when to begin coasting for a corner, intersection, or lower speed limit ahead.

The BMW 228i coupe will be offered in two "Lines" in addition to the standard configuration. Sport Line adds 18-inch wheels, multicolor ambient lighting, gloss black exterior trim, and a choice between wood or brushed-aluminum interior trim. The M Sport Line has a sport suspension that lowers the car 0.4 inch, 18-inch double-spoke wheels, a chrome exhaust tip, new side skirts and fascias with larger air inlets, aluminum door-sill plates, unique instrument-cluster graphics, and sport front seats.

The BMW M235i, meanwhile, has a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine rated for 322 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque, enough to send it to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds with the six-speed manual transmission or 4.8 seconds with the eight-speed automatic's Launch Control function. Top speed is limited to 155 mph. Fuel economy for the M235i is expected to be 22/32 mpg with the automatic and 19/28 mpg with the manual transmission.

As the performance-minded version, the BMW M235i also comes standard with larger brakes, a bolder body kit, two-mode adaptive suspension dampers, staggered 18-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, variable-effort sport steering, and a 0.4-inch lower ride height than the 228i. Customers can opt for 19-inch M Performance wheels; an M Performance suspension that lowers the suspension another 0.4 inch and has firmer shock absorbers and red-painted springs; and an M Sport braking upgrade with larger cross-drilled brake discs, four-piston front/two-piston rear brake calipers, and a choice of red, orange, or yellow-painted calipers. As standard, a function called Active Differential Brake (ABD-Sport) uses the brakes to control wheel spin, but customers can also pay extra for a mechanical limited-slip differential.

Visually, the BMW M235i stands out thanks to the aforementioned body kit, which includes special aerodynamic fins in place of the 228i's foglights. Front sport seats, a leather-wrapped M steering wheel, an anthracite headliner, aluminum interior trim, and leather wraps for the parking brake lever and shifter distinguish the interior. The M235i can also be optioned in Estoril Blue paint, as well as any of the 12 colors offered on the 228i. It also scores blue trim on the key fob and unique red graphics for the instrument cluster.

With the 2014 2 Series, BMW has taken the virtues of the outgoing 1 Series coupe's smaller size and sporty profile and updated it with the performance, technology, and design from the rest of the brand's lineup. While the 228i's impressive fuel economy and reasonable entry price will provide a stepping stone for many new BMW customers, we're most excited for the high performance on offer from the M235i. It picks up the torch for BMW performance two-doors and will tide us over until the eventual M4 coupe and M3 sedan arrive.

Pricing for the 2014 BMW 228i coupe starts at $33,025, including a $925 destination charge, while the M235i costs $44,025.

Nicolaus Le Compte
Wheels are ugly and too small, body design is clean but a little plain. Overall it's decent.
Bobby LaGrone
Hemnaath Hemu
Nice except, when will BMW learn from Audi and Mercedes and make the transition between the hood and the grill seamless and not such an ugly line break? 
Cadillac's ATS with 3.6L V6 is about $42K and might be a better buy than the M235i.
John Boho
Don't understand why this isn't a 3. Oh right...it's because all the 3's turned into 5's and all the 5's...are now just grossly overweight.
Jeffrey McCollum
1 series remains 4 door as 2 is coupe
Dhamo Bothidharma
Super pa.
Ken Gary Putnam
Awesome does this mean there will b a 4 door 1 series?
Ron Claus
Much better looking than the current 1 series. I like it!
Ryan Malone
I don't like it. Rear qtrs look too tall and the proportions seem off. No thank you.
Mattso Samsonite
Impressive. Would still buy a clean E46 over this tho.
Alex Tsinos
The 1 series was supposed to bring driving purity back to BMW by offering us what once was the perfect vehicle (the original 3). Now they've gone and bloated it up once again. Fail.
Would expect to see a 220i with that same engine as the 320.  The 235 and even the 228 seem almost overkill for such a small car, and also compete with the 3.  A more affordable 220i would put BMW right in there against VW and Audi with a return to BMW basics.  Overall the line is too high tech--the manuals are disappearing for the hated auto-manual--too pricy and more power than needed for that classic BMW experience (back to the 2002 and earlier 3-series).  Sure to appear in Europe, but BMW ought to bring it here and without all the options and electronic add-ons.  And the 4....great car, but practically a 6....too much and too much money  GIve us a simple, sporty, light, great-handling BMW.  Please.
Linda Ellis
If it still has run flats, I will choose another automaker, thanks.
Erik Summa
Why buy a 3? This is the one (no pun intended).
Ivan Ruggiero
Minh Nguyen
Performance over price.
James Brooks
Maybe a little better than the 1 but not by much
Michael Dunmire
I already had a chat with my 328xi this morning. Told the poor girl I'm in love with another and moving on soon. :)
Biju Varughese
why because they had to change the m1 to 1m after they complete forgot about their m1 supercar
David Pettit
It looks great. Very balanced look. I want one already.
Seyed Hassan Dalil
Robert May
Beautiful. This new 2 is much better looking than the new 3 and 4. I just hate how the new 3's headlights are connected to the kidney grille. It looks terrible. Separation of the headlights to the kidney grille on this new 2 looks great, just like the old 3's. And because the new 3 is even bigger, it's grown into a sports sedan that's just too big. The 2 is a perfect size...reminds me of the E30. The performance numbers look fantastic too. Only problem is that the starting price for the 228i is a bit high and the m235i is wayyy to expensive. But finally, a good looking, proportional compact bmw sports sedan. Hasn't been one for a few years.
Chris Story
The 2 is the new 3.
KJ Newman
Looks way better, the 1 series looked like the village idiot
Richard Macintyre
it does, it really does. Look what they did with Mini, it's ridiculous but I didn't expect to see the BMW brand adopt the same addiction to expansion. However, if they made a large, personal luxury coupe out of the 7, a sort of cut rate Wraith and called it an 8, I wouldn't mind.
Craig Stishenko
All the numbers confuse many non BMW aware people. I realize noone would cross shop a 2 to a 7. However the WIDE array of models it making their brand feel like say - General Motors.. To me at least.
John C. Rock
I think it's a 1 Series with a 2 badge.
Dammy Onafowokan
Richard Macintyre
lol my first thought was, I'm glad it looks like it's center of gravity is lower. The rear fenders look bloated but I'm assuming in person it looks better.
Richard Macintyre
not really, someone shopping for a 1 or 2, probably can't afford a 4-7 but stretching the line so far is starting to almost cheapen the brand.
Richard Macintyre
I liked the concept of a 1 series but this is much more attractive. I still kinda miss the days of the traditional 3,5 and 7, the revival of the 6 was nice but closing in on a sweep of 1 - 10 on top of all the X models? Quality issues popping up in reviews? this is how Rome fell... just sayin
William Shoemaker
What I like is that BMW makes a car waaaay smaller and a whole lot more ungainly than the 3 series. But they charge exactly the same for it if any options are added. Great business plan BMW, there's no way this can fail.
Conrad Zumhagen
Still looks like a squished, disproportionate 3.
David Hand
Delighted that it doesn't look pregnant.
Craig Stishenko
Too many choices IMO. That means next year customers will have 7 models to choose from with model numbers ranging 1 through 7. Because you know 2 series will be hitting the lot with a few remaining 1's. Confused? I am.
Samuel O Lee
The new even numbering system for BMW coupes including the 6-series "Gran" Coupe is clever. The 1-series coupe with the V8 will be missed though, as BMW is phasing out 8-cylinder engines throughout its lineup. The BMW 1-series V8 coupe is a modern collectible and will be an extremely rare find in the future, much like a Sunbeam Tiger or Shelby Cobra, as it was only offered for one year and few customers chose the V8 option for this compact car.
Stephen Abbott
It's clearly a BMW, but I see a bit of Bangleism returning, which is not a good thing.
Lee Klein
The bottom half looks very fat (not phat). I don't like it.
Glenn Paul Newcombe
Generic BMW. Meh!
Scott Raflo
Jayson Coombes
Someone left a 4 series in the dryer too long. But looks good
John W Boyd
My first thought was that it was a new Pontiac. But then I remembered they don't make those anymore.
Lots of rust... :)
Lito Figueroa AlmaJose
Jim Bur
Much better proportioned than that funky BMW 1
Rob Manchester
As in 2002tii ??
Quince Dunham
becoming a bimmer fanatic a little bit. gotta love the trajectory
Quince Dunham
genesis coupe, frs, wait til they bring it awd. ooh we

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