2007 Nissan Bevel Concept

December 18, 2006
0701 Z+2007 Nissan Bevel Concept+rear
Nissan is always good for a fun concept at Detroit, and here is this year's toy. The Bevel is "a dynamic, multi-purpose vehicle with a small size, big utility and fresh thinking." Inside is a "central command" cockpit and a cabin full of functionality. These Mars Rover-like looks were a theme of the Terranaut concept at last year's Geneva show, meaning that Nissan is serious about making out-of-this-world SUVs in the future. Hopefully, future production models won't look like a shrunken down Nissan Armada with a bank safe grafted on the rear. The Bevel Concept was created at Nissan Design America, La Jolla, Calif.


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