2007 Kia Kue Concept

#Kia, #FX45

Is Kia trying to out-sport the Infiniti FX45? It appears so-the Kue concept is so coupe-shaped that it looks like a donked-up Nissan 350Z with four doors. The unibody Kue rides on a 114-inch wheelbase with an overall length of 186 inches, with 22-inch chrome wheels lifting it high off the ground. Kia's main emphasis here is that while the crossover possesses "SUV characteristics and capabilities, it focuses more on giving the driver an exhilarating driving experience on the way to the home improvement center than on how much it can haul." We think Kia still has quite a job ahead of them to convince buyer's that they make performance vehicles. The real competition in mind (if a similar vehicle is actually built) can be guessed from the name-the new 2008 Saturn Vue. C'mon guys, you've gotta do more than just change the first letter of someone else's name. What's next? A pickup called "Kundra" or "Kilverado"?

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