2006 Hyundai HCD9 Talus Concept

February 1, 2006
0602 Naias 029+2006 Hyundai Hcd9 Talus Concept+side View
The HCD9 Talus concept resembles a two-door version of the stylish Infiniti FX45 and follows a recent underexplored theme of rugged, sporty coupe exercises such as the Volkswagen Concept T. The Talus is the ninth concept car from Hyundai's California design studio, and it sports rear-access doors and a storage bin underneath the trunk floor--features that could remain if Hyundai builds the Talus. However, you're more likely to see Ralph Lauren inside a production Hyundai than you are this concept's nine-inch DVD monitors for the back-seat passengers, power hatchback, monster 22-inch wheels, wireless Web access, and night vision.
The HCD9's hulking 4.6-liter V-8 powerplant could appear soon in the Santa Fe or the upcoming flagship sedan known as the Equus in Korea, but it would be even more fun in a rear- or all-wheel-drive sportster such as the Talus, especially producing the 340 hp Hyundai claims in this application. Which manufacturer will risk building a sport-ute-coupe first? Keep an eye on the ambitious Koreans, who are in need of a halo car.
0602 Naias 129+2006 Hyundai Hcd9 Talus Concept+front Right View
0602 Naias 119+2006 Hyundai Hcd9 Talus Concept+front Left View
0602 Naias 219+2006 Hyundai Hcd9 Talus Concept+rear Side View
0602 Naias 229+2006 Hyundai Hcd9 Talus Concept+fender Vent View
0602 Naias 039+2006 Hyundai Hcd9 Talus Concept+rear Side View


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