2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge

December 27, 2005
0602 Naias 029+2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge+front View
While we'd really like to see an F430 Challenge Stradale (Stradale meaning street), we have to admit that this is one badass car despite the fact that it won't be legal for road use. The lightweight car (only 2,695 lb) uses the same 490-hp, 4.3-liter V-8 as the roadgoing F430, a car which we place near the very top of our all-time favorites list. Many modifications make the Challenge suitable for hard-core racing competition such as adjusted fifth- and sixth-gear ratios, a more durable two-plate clutch, carbon ceramic brakes, permanently disengaged electronic traction and stability control programs, a stiffer suspension, a new exhaust, integrated pneumatic jacks, and a stripped down interior. The track-going F430 will compete in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli racing series alongside the Ferrari 360 Challenge car next season, and the F430 will completely replace the 360 for the 2007 campaign.
0509 Naias 019+2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge+front Right View
0509 Naias 029+2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge+side View
0509 Naias 049+2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge+front Interior View
0602 Naias 019+2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge+rear View


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