2005 Suzuki Concept X

December 22, 2004
0502 Naias 01+2005 Suzuki Concept X+front Right View
Suzuki hopes to keep its sales momentum in 2005 after a whopping 26 percent increase in 2004. The opening salvo is the Concept X, the company's first mid-size SUV concept, and an early look at a future production vehicle. It demonstrates that Suzuki is making an effort to finally make a name for itself and move past the dull, uninspired Vitara SUVs of the present--which is exactly what the company must do if they plan to meet their goal of tripling production by 2007.
The Concept X sits atop stylish twenty-inch wheels and has suicide rear doors. (Don't all concepts have those these days?) The headliner and seat inserts are upholstered in a patterned fabric that recalls traditional Japanese themes and looks terrific. All interior functions--even those in the rear--are controlled via touch-sensitive buttons.
The production version of the attractive concept will be Suzuki's largest SUV to date, and will bow in 2006. It will feature V-6 power and a sophisticated "4GO" all-wheel-drive system as part of the company's plan to release nine new vehicles over the next five years.
0502 Naias 02+2005 Suzuki Concept X+front View
0502 Naias+2005 Suzuki Concept X+front Side View


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