Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept Shown at 2014 Chicago Auto Show

Nissan is testing the waters for diesel power in the midsize pickup truck market with Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner project truck at the 2014 Chicago auto show. Under the hood of this Frontier is a 2.8-liter Cummins turbodiesel four-cylinder engine, and Nissan says this engine could make its way into the next-generation Frontier depending on consumer interest. If approved for production, the diesel Frontier would go up against the upcoming diesel versions of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups that go on sale later this year.

Nissan originally announced a partnership with engine-builder Cummins last year, when the automaker said a 5.0-liter Cummins diesel V-8 would be available in the next Nissan Titan full-size pickup, due in 2015. Nissan is hoping that this concept will help gauge interest in this smaller diesel powertrain for the Frontier, which is due to be redesigned within the next year. The 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel produces around 200 hp and over 350 lb-ft of torque and mates with a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. This would reportedly make for fuel economy up to 35 percent better than a standard Frontier V-6.

A second Nissan Frontier development vehicle with the Cummins four-cylinder diesel is currently testing, so it appears the company is serious about this proposition. A redesigned Nissan Frontier with this diesel engine would certainly put up a challenge to the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, which have an optional 2.8-liter diesel four-cylinder.

Other than the diesel engine under the hood, the Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner also has a few visual upgrades over the Frontier Desert Runner on which it is based. The truck features a red and matte-grey paint scheme with faux carbon fiber accents inside and out. There’s also a see-through hood insert that highlights the diesel powerplant underneath, and red and grey painted wheels that continue the concept’s overall color scheme.

Nissan previously offered a diesel engine on the Hardbody pickup in the late 1980s. We’ll see if there’s enough interest in this project truck at the 2014 Chicago auto show to warrant a diesel comeback for the next Frontier.

Build it, I will buy it
Kiran Hawle
Jeff Gilleran
Needs a new Body. The truck is 1 year away from a Decade old. Come now Nissan.. Time to wow us with not only a good drive train.
Rob Ledwon
fred lefils
Mike Hanson
love my frontier V6 but a diesel OMG!
Charles Foschini
I just bought my first diesel a Jeep GC. after 3 weeks After a life time of big block V8's, I can't tell you why all trucks aren't diesel. There is simply no reason to own a gas fired truck. Well maybe an ML 63 AMG.....
June Sigmon
dont realy like paint but is so me
Jacob Ignacio
They already have Diesel Frontiers in other parts of the world.. America is the only one left behind when it comes to small economical Diesel engines
Richard Francois
that's actually a cool color and i usually don't like nissans
Bob Lange
With diesel fuel at $4 and the up charge for a diesel motor, why would you?
Rena Begley
Rugged looking but cute like the color concept I like it a lot...
Hector San Martin
ugly! new style!
Maulik Patel
Chip Gorra
An engine that no one cares about in a truck that no one wants.
Charlie Doll
Hurry up with it already! You're ten years overdue.
David Pettit
I hope they go ahead with a Diesel option. I would like to see standard cab compacts make a comeback as well because they were so much cheaper than larger cabs.
Scott Nicewarner
Need to update the look more, still looks dated
Nick Rusow
Are we ever going to see a new body style?!
Cole Nielson
So Austin I guess Nissan really is a man's truck!
Ted Dinklage
Sanjay Batham
Doc Mugoni
Brahim Abdallah
Austin Miller
Cole Nielson
Patrick Pouncey
I currently have a 2009 4-cyl Toyota Tacoma 4x4 - I love it and plan(ned) to keep it as long as it lasts.  The main complaint, and it's not a big one, with the Tacoma 4-cyl is I always wished it had more torque.  This looks like the perfect small truck to me, especially if offered in a regular cab 4x4.
Joca Freitas
You just need to come to Brazil ;)
Quit talking about it and offer it Nissan. I would think the 4 cylinder Cummins would be a home run in the truck.

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