2015 Subaru Legacy Debuts at 2014 Chicago Auto Show

The 2015 Subaru Legacy follows closely in the footsteps of the Legacy concept shown just a few months ago at the 2013 Los Angeles auto show. Wrapped in a more stylish design, the new Legacy is roomier, more fuel efficient, and offers more convenience and safety features than before.

Like any new, self-respecting midsize sedan, the 2015 Subaru Legacy adopts a graceful roof that is meant to make this four-door car look more like a two-door coupe. The base of the windshield is two inches farther forward than before, creating a fast, shallow angle for the windshield as it sweeps back to the A-pillars. The rear glass also flows into the trunk lid at a shallower angle than before, reducing aerodynamic turbulence. Meanwhile the nose of the 2015 Legacy resembles that of the Legacy concept in the way the grille and headlights present an equally sleek face beneath a new, lightweight aluminum hood. At the rear you’ll find fast-acting LED taillights that also reduce power consumption. Altogether, the 2015 bodywork is said to be 10 percent more aerodynamic than the 2014 Legacy, reducing fuel consumption and making the car quieter besides.

The 2015 Subaru Legacy rides on the same 108.3-inch wheelbase as the 2014 car but grows 1.6 inches in length and 0.7 inch in height. Despite the modest exterior changes, rear legroom and front and rear shoulder room all increase slightly compared to the outgoing car, although headroom is reduced. The Legacy's trunk also grows 0.3 cubic feet, to 15.0.

More power, less fuel

The 2015 Subaru Legacy continues to offer a choice between a 2.5-liter flat-four and a 3.6-liter flat-six engine, both of which come with all-wheel drive and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). A six-speed manual transmission, previously offered for the base model Legacy, is no longer available for the 2015 model year.

The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine has been revised to reduce internal friction, increasing power by 2 hp to 175 hp. Peak torque remains 174 lb-ft, but Subaru says that the engine's torque band is now broader for improved drivability with the CVT. Four-cylinder versions of the Legacy come with active grille shutters as standard, which automatically close to reduce aerodynamic drag. Fuel economy is expected to rise to 26/30 mpg (city/highway), up from 24/32 mpg for the 2014 Legacy 2.5i.

The 3.6-liter engine is unchanged and continues to offer 256 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque, but fuel efficiency is also expected to rise slightly, from 18/25 mpg to 20/28 mpg.

New engine mounts and improved acoustic insulation are said to keep the cabin quieter. Meanwhile, revised suspension improves handling, and a torque-vectoring front differential adapted from the Subaru WRX and WRX STI reduces understeer by applying the brake of the inside front wheel during fast cornering.

More luxury, more entertainment, more safety

Inside the cabin of the 2015 Subaru Legacy, the interior materials are nicer all round, with thicker padding for the armrests and center console, as well as more soft-touch materials on the dashboard. The center console is said to be large enough to accommodate an Apple iPad, and some infotainment systems have two USB ports, allowing for charging and playing music from two different devices at once. A twin-binnacle instrument cluster includes a small LCD trip computer at its center, along with a color eco-indicator designed to encourage fuel-efficient driving habits.

New technologies include one-touch lane-change signals, as well as the latest version of the Subaru EyeSight forward-facing cameras. The EyeSight system provides features like adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, and forward-collision warning, and it’s available on the Legacy Premium and Limited. Also new for the 2015 Subaru Legacy is a rear-facing radar that provides blind-spot warnings, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane-change assist functions. LEDs in the mirrors warn of vehicles in the driver's blind spots, while an indicator in the backup camera display warns of cross traffic when pulling out of a space.

The base 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i comes standard with plenty of equipment, including 17-inch wheels, an infotainment system with Bluetooth and Pandora connectivity, active torque vectoring, and keyless entry. Moving up to the 2.5i Premium adds 17-inch alloy wheels; an All-Weather package that bundles heated front seats and mirrors, and a windshield wiper heater; a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with dual USB ports; illuminated inside door handles; and dual-zone automatic climate control. A navigation system, blind-sport warning, and the EyeSight safety cameras are optional.

The 2.5i Limited adds 18-inch wheels, a 576-watt Harman/Kardon sound system, blind-spot warning, and fog lights. Options include pushbutton starting, navigation, EyeSight, and a power sunroof. The top-end model, the 2015 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited, builds on that with dual exhaust tips, enlarged front brake rotors, and HID headlights.

The 2015 Subaru Legacy goes on sale later this year.

Tim Lucas
Seckin Ozol
WRX Concept to Road - Fail #1 / Legacy Concept to Road: Fail #2
Lee Neary
Jack VanLeuven
Love my 2012 Limited, 3.6 with 4X, largest back seat available in mid-size, good head-room, great sound system you can actually listen to after owning a couple Hondas, low road noise, an automatic that is always in the right gear up or down, paddle shift when needed. This is not an Audi A4, but is close for ten grand less. Will be ordering my 2015 soon, although not happy about the CVT.
Maulik Patel
Would it kill Subaru to hire a competent designer for the interior. The part of the car that I would see most often still looks clunky and cheap. Others certainly do it better at this price level.
Steve Hiss
Subaru fills an important niche by offering a midsize AWD sedan starting in the low $20s.  It's nearest competitors would be Ford Fusion, Buick Regal, Audi A4, etc., all of which begin at more than $30k for AWD.  So I, for one, would not be in favor of Subaru moving the Legacy upscale to compete directly against these "premium" competitors.Middle class people in northern climes need something to drive in the winter!
Wow, the equivalent of a Chrysler 200 with AWD from a Japanese manufacturer. A slow selling and not very memorable car (except for offering AWD). I guess it gives budget Volvo shoppers something to look at if they are looking for something safe and not mainstream that has tinny sounding doors and a sea of plastic interior. Now if Subaru could just add something to their midsize sedan lineup to really set them apart instead of aiming for mediocrity and artificial flavored vanilla. I like what they did with the BRZ. It may not add a huge amount to their bottom line, but it shows a desire not to settle for chasing the numbers by jumping in on crowded market segments, but forging new roads and creating a loyal customer base. Kind of like the Saab's of the 90's before GM ruined them. It would be nice if Subaru would finally bring the rumored diesel engine over with a manual transmission. An AWD family sedan that gets in the mid 40's Hwy MPG would be good competition for the Passat TDI and upcoming Mazda 6 diesel.
Forgot to mention that loosing the manual transmission is a big deal to me as I am still old-school and enjoy the manual shift.  Limit automation -- I have an old BMW that the computer that controls the speedometer, and other gauge functions is going out and costs $1000 to replace.  It works fine in warm weather but I have trouble in cold weather.
Guys , this car is a boring family car. Not a sport car. The thing going for subaru is 4 wheel drive, which is a major plus up north. family car people go for function rather than looks. that is why there are so many boring toyota on the road. you wear broing jeans everyday....wear Tux only may be once a year ... duh!
all these radar on new cars you radar detector might go crazy...
To me the weakest styling lements are in the rear view. I am hoping the new Outback based on this model will look better with a heftier rear end. I think the sloping roofline looks really weak and derivative.
Wow, at first glance I thought it was my wife's Ford Fusion.
According to the numbers in the article, the 4-cylinder’s highway mileage is lower for 2015 (30 mpg) than it is for the 2014 model (32). This is obviously a typo. Just checked the Subaru USA site – it is 36 mpg highway – one heck of a difference! What a shame this mag cannot proof read its stuff before going to press. A casual reader might think “30 mpg highway, I guess I will pass this one by”, losing Subaru a potential new owner.
Schneller Kerl
Is it me, or are all the sedans beginning to look the same? Passat - Legacy?
There seems to be a dearth of design talent in the mid-size range.
All are beginning to be as interesting as a bowl of cold oatmeal.
Article correction: According to the Subaru website, the vehicle's height is REDUCED by 0.3 inch vs. the 2014 model.  Too bad. Taller is always more comfortable.
I think it's a good effort. As far as the manual transmission, those days are quickly coming to a close.
No manual transmission?? Subaru is becoming just another mainstream, BORING car. What happened to Subaru's wonderful quirkiness?? Not every American is manually challenged, and there are still a large number of Subaru owners (We're on our fifth) who will hang onto their old cars until they crumble into dust.
Sylvain Raymond
I do like it and Subaru up-to-date styling is a first!!!
Rob Yurksaitis
Looks like a melding of the prior Accord with the Fusion and a slight dash of Buick Regal with those headlights
Shivani Angel
ya Its damm same as Taurus.. But Features are different
Rehan Burney
Whats so special? Its an ordinary looking car.
Craig Jackson
Look my Chevy Malibu humped you Kia Optima... And it gets worse hwy gas milage than the last model. WTG Suburu!
Well when Subaru goes for something they go all out.... this has to be the single most boring Subaru ever created...good job guys.
Haig Mathosian
Ugly, as all subarus are
Bob Powell
Ford Fusion?
Manuel Micheli
Beautiful now make it electric
Al Larese
If this is the biggest debut, it's not much of a show.
Nev Abrahams
Hahaha poor subi very stubborn hire once a South African designer. What a great opportunity missed.
Erick Ople
Looks good but it has all the same theme as a Hyundai, Kia, Ford
Sindri Snær Thorlacius
In my opinion the only thing wrong with the looks of this car is the wheels... Subaru used to make the most desirable rims but on their resent models they've been disappointing.
John Kurtz
Pretty nice.
Randy Burbach
Sorry to all my Windy City friends, this show has slid into irrelevance. 
Pete Kahn
A Taurus and 2014 Malibu hooked up,..
Sean Daily
One word comes to mind.... "Beige"
So what?...Like will to like.The tendency of the design is a similar thing anywhere.
Marlon Dabney
Looks like a Ford. What in the hell went wrong at Subaru? First they lied to us about the WRX,now this.....
Graham Benson
The SHO is way better than some copied Subaru
Jordan Staffens
Now, that's how you do a car!
Rick Yachiw
Like an online date, you hope it doesn't look worse in person...
Lee Klein
Very nice change for the better.
Kenneth Herbert
While this is not a stunning or ground-breaking design, the good news is it's not Subarugly. It may not draw many buyers for its beauty, but it shouldn't repel buyers with its typical Subarugly. Perhaps they finally hired an actual car designer or two? No mention of the Legacy-based Outback, which I've read is supposed to debut in NYC in April. Hopefully it will take the same step toward at least respectable design. 
Aaron Kubasek
Looks a lot like the 2014 Ford Taurus SHO, doesn't it? Just worse. That's all.
Nick Rusow
Nothing special!!
Ferenc Tamás
It's face looks like Ford and Hyundai mixed...the side looks like Volvo. Not a unique design...
Cory Whitehead
I thought the Taurus already came with AWD.
Zak Bolick
Boring. The rear looks like a new Sentra.
Patrick D Booth
JR Arsenault
Damn it they all look the same now. Cd is nice, but reallllllly the car looking distictive is so much nicer!
Special? I didn;t see where this car was labeled "special". It is just the introduction of a revised exisitng make/model like they present for a lot of new cars each year. Some are WOW, some are so-so and some are UGH!

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