2015 Lincoln Navigator Refreshed with EcoBoost V-6

It’s amazing how little has changed since the Lincoln Navigator created the American luxury full-size SUV segment in the late 1990s. When it first debuted in 1997, the Lincoln Navigator was a premium SUV based on the Ford Expedition that could seat eight people, tow a boat, and carry lots of cargo. Fast forward seventeen years, and the refreshed 2015 Lincoln Navigator is still an Expedition-based, highly-capable, enormous full-size SUV. Seems a little behind the times, no?

For 2015, though, the Lincoln Navigator moves somewhat closer to the modern era with the addition of Ford’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine as standard on all Navigators. This twin-turbo engine is said to produce “more than” 370 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque, and will pair with a six-speed automatic to put the power to either the rear or all four wheels. This EcoBoost powerplant will replace the ancient 5.4-liter V-8, and should provide a noticeable fuel economy bump over the outgoing Navigator’s 13/18 mpg city/highway ratings when equipped with four-wheel-drive. We also expect the upcoming 2015 Ford Expedition to receive this powerplant as well when it gets refreshed within the next year.

Other than the powertrain and a new, optional adaptive suspension system, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator’s updates are largely cosmetic. A new split-wing grille up front finally aligns the Navigator with the rest of the Lincoln lineup, as do the full-width LED taillights around back. Lincoln will also offer huge, 22-inch wheels on the top Reserve trim level, and there’s a heavy heaping of chrome all around like before. Lincoln emphasizes that this upgraded jewelry is important to full-size luxury SUV customers, and that’s not hard to believe if you look at the blinged-out front end of the 2015 Cadillac Escalade.

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator will continue to be offered in standard- and long-wheelbase versions, the latter of which adds 15 inches to the Navigator’s overall length for considerably more cargo space behind the third-row seats. The Navigator either seats seven with the second-row captain’s chairs and the three-person rear bench, or a total of eight with the optional second-row bench. All three rows of seats can be trimmed in “ultra-luxurious” leather with the aforementioned Reserve package, which also adds Ziricote wood trim. From the driver’s perspective, there’s a new instrument panel with dual color LCD screens bookending an analog speedometer, along with the updated version of the MyLincoln Touch infotainment system that debuted in the 2015 Lincoln MKC with a few extra knobs and buttons for more intuitive use.

At the official reveal event for the 2015 Lincoln Navigator, brand representatives emphasized that this tweaked SUV is not one of Lincoln’s fully-redesigned, transitional models like the new Lincoln MKZ and MKC. The Navigator is still an important model for the brand, though, as evidenced by the permanence of the Navigator name in favor of Lincoln’s MK alphanumerics. It’s one of the few bright spots in the Lincoln lineup, with a small sales increase in 2013 compared with 2012 that helped combat sliding sales of models like the MKS and MKT.

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator will go on sale in early fall of this year, and is on display at the 2014 Chicago auto show. Look for more pricing, fuel economy, and powertrain details to come out closer to the Navigator’s on-sale date.

The problem with the refresh to the Navigator is the same as the refresh to the Expedition.  There is simply no long term data as to the reliability of turbo charged conventional gas engines for truck power plants.  Until there is some data, the transition away from the V8 doesn't seem like a safe play.
If Ford is serious about saving Lincoln, this won't cut it.
Even though the updates didn't amount to much and this is more of a refresh than total redesign I have to say it still is competitive. The new styling has grown on me, the EcoBoost engine will be a unique selling point and the interior looks better than the new Escalade which adopts the new design scheme of other Caddy's, not a good thing. Best of all this will likely start at $10,000 less than it's primary rival the Escalade. 
Sad.   Ford gets it and the MKZ is a nice step forward.  Some may bust on it, but nicer than much of the competition and likely more than enough for any likely buyer (or BMW/MB/Audi/Lexus buyer, as well).  But this is badge-engineering 80s style.  In fact, it looks like something out of the 80s.  I'm sure the money guys know the market, but Lincoln is letting Cadillac stop on it without even a fight.  Ford could make a Land Rover competitor today.  It has the drive-trained, electronics, suspensions, interior experience to really do something.  But this looks like the took a few hours and called it a day.  PLEASE, Ford, show us something!
Troy Council
It looks like an mid-80's Oldsmobile....Pick one...any one of them.
Dennis Atkins
Further proof that Lincoln is truly dead and should be laid to rest. I guess the drug dealers will like it though... 
LOL! That grille looks like a big mustache. I've always been an undercover fan of the Navigator, it's time for a complete overhaul of that thing. 
Juan Pérez
https://www.facebook.com/cars.super.fans: one like for this new page?
Erick Ople
Its still a Chevy truck. Period
Kyree S. Williams
When you get into the larger-mid and full-sized truck market, it's hard to make a luxury SUV that has a separate body from the plebeian one. Many of the other manufacturers also use rebadged versions of other cars. The LX 570 is a Land Cruiser. The GX 460 is a Land Cruiser Prado (not sold here). The QX80 (formerly QX56) is a Nissan Patrol (not sold here). The Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Q7 and GL-Class are crossovers and benefit from not having plebeian sister brands with which to share bodies; otherwise they probably would, too. And the LR4/Discovery 4 is some kind of weird truck/crossover hybrid, but it benefits from being part of Jaguar Land Rover, which doesn't have enough brands that vehicles would need to share bodies. But more than that, I think the Escalade is actually going to be a totally different experience from the Tahoe and Yukon. For one thing, its interior more closely matches that of the new Cadillac sedans and the updated SRX than it does the Tahoe and Yukon. And it's also been speculated to use much nicer materials.
Ron House
This thing has got to be a joke. It is too big and I looked the same since day one. Spend some money(Ford) and redo this.
Jayesh Vaish
rayon wala e aapi k
Erick Ople
What's really the difference w Cadillac when it's just a refaced rebadged truck from its workhorse product. No personality of its own
Michael Gromek
Too bad... hate the back end... Interior looks like a mild refresh of what was there previously. Missed opportunity here, Lincoln... Have you seen the new Escalade???
John Pitera
Sylvain Raymond
Ford/Lincoln marketing are idiots… I worked with them in Toronto!!!
Haseeb Farrukh
Ford should stick a fork in Lincoln.  It's done.  The brand has NO reason to exist.
Erik Summa
They just gave Cadillac their share of the Large Luxury Utility segment with this sad effort.
Mick Mugnai
God dammit, Lincoln
Andre Jordan
Awful...a joke...
Benjamin Leighton Jr
To little too late.
Steven M. Myers
It's saying, "Durrrrr" with that face. Why is Lincoln still here?
Aaron Fremuth
Are they serious?! New fascia, Jeep tail lights and larger wheels and it's a "new" car?! Okay, kudos for the updated electronics and cabin.
Christine Davis
I love the navigator new look
Andre Thomas
A disappointment. More so now that it has been watered down with a twin-turbo V-6 that has less power than the completely redesigned 2015 Escalade, which retains a V-8.
Frank Samara
Yawn! Just hit the snooze button. Please wake me when they start coming out with designs that truly challenge their rival, Cadillac.
Frank Samara
I just told a friend this looks like what Oldsmobile would offer if they were still around...LOL!
Jon Razon
Still off
Craig Wentz
Lincoln is reminding me of GM models before they declared bankruptcy....not good.
Daryn Parfitt
It's just not a range rover
Steve Paul
A little more attractive than Lexus LX and the Infinity QX, besides that, it's ugly as hell!!
Scott A Purvis
Tell me why again Lincoln even still builds this?
Alex Pancamo
I like it. They need to change the interior to be less "in your face." I love the retro styling, but it needs minor interior work.
Noel Griep
In my opinion, the only vehicle Lincoln has managed to make their corporate grill look good on is the upcoming MKC, this isn't as bad as their other models but it looks dated here.
When i look at the new grill on the Navigator,i have a thought of, haven't i seen this on a Oldsmobile sedan  or SUV from the 1980's?Maybe i am wrong,but my first thought and mental  picture is Oldsmobile.
Lincoln consistently comes out with vehicles that would have been great about 5 years ago.  I do think the is the best looking Navigator yet, but it does look sheerly cosmetic.  It still has that awkward greenhouse that it shares with the Ford Expedition.  The c pillar back still looks ungainly, again, an effect caused by all of the glass back there.   If you look at the GM full size utes, they manage to look quite modern by comparison.  Oh look at that taillight design--looks like a Durango.  And the interior.....oh God.   I really WANT Lincoln to be successful, but they always seem to take baby steps.
Jim Hulihan
Nice Oldsmobile. Looks like Lincoln will be going the way of the Rocket Division soon.
Garry Brown
Great; now build it on a aluminum chassis, improve the fuel economy further. Pretty grille!
NE Guy
Every time a a Lincoln dealer sees these pics he thanks God that the MKC is coming first.
Glad to see the 5.4L finally sunset...
Drew Hardesty
Hideous as usual
Jordane Bruyeres
Steve Young
Looks great !
Robert May
Gary: nicer than a Range Rover? Lol are you kidding me?
Robert May
Looks much cleaner that the pre refreshed Navigator. But I'm surprised that the truck hasn't gotten a complete redesign. Same goes with the Expedition. Looks really good though.
Shailesh Solanki
Oh wow Whot a car
Gary Morris
Much nicer then Rover.
Lee Klein
Redesign looks nice, but these monsters have to go.
M Rick Richards
All I see is the face of Grumpy cat in that front end...

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