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2011 Acura RL Side View
You don't need a high-riding SUV or crossover to get the winter traction benefits of four-wheel drive. There are myriad sedans, wagons, coupes, and even convertibles that offer four-wheel drive (usually called all-wheel drive in passenger cars) either as standard or optional equipment. We've gathered up a complete list of AWD passenger cars; the list is long and the choices are many. Although the advantages of four driven wheels are obvious in slippery road conditions, the technology comes at a cost. There is usually a cost premium associated with all-wheel drive, and sometimes a fuel economy penalty as well. So for each car listed we've indicated the extra cost of the all-wheel-drive option, or the cost differential compared with the equivalent two-wheel-drive model, as well as its EPA gas mileage ratings, and the fuel economy penalty versus the two-wheel-drive version of the same car.
2011 Acura RL Side View
All-wheel-drive is a big deal at Audi. In fact it's such a big deal that the company rolled out a modern day Quattro concept to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its Quattro all-wheel-drive system. As such, almost every car in the premium German brand's lineup is available with the system if it isn't standard. The only models that don't feature Quattro as standard equipment are the base A3, A4, and A6 models. Audi also offers several versions of Quattro, with various front/rear torque splits depending on the vehicle and, in some cases, a torque-vectoring rear-differential.
2011 Audi A3 Three Quarters
Those lucky (wealthy) enough to afford Bentleys will likely have an alternative daily driver for the snowy months, but could tackle the white powder with confidence in any of Bentley's Continental models. Bentley split its new Continental lineup by offering the new coupe alongside the current GTC convertible and Flying Spur sedan. All three however, feature a similar powertrain setup: twin-turbo, 6.0-liter W-12, six-speed auto, and all-wheel-drive -- the perfect combo for controlled slides in winter conditions should you be brave enough to take your $180,000+ luxo-machine out in the slush and salt.
2011 Bentley Continental GT Front View
The first thing you think of when you hear BMW may well be rear-wheel-drive, drivers' cars. That's true for the most part, but the brand does offer a number of all-wheel-drive cars for those of us in the Snowbelt. BMW used to only offer its xDrive all-wheel-drive system on sedans and wagons, but expanded it to coupes in 2007 when it redesigned the current 3-series. BMW now offers all-wheel-drive as an option throughout its 3-series, 5-series, and 7-series lineups, with the exception of the base 5- and 7-series and the V-12 7-series.
2011 BMW 335is Coupe Hp
It looked likely that Buick was going to add a second all-wheel-drive car to its lineup later this year with the announcement that the Regal GS is going into production. However, the production car loses its all-wheel-drive setup in favor of General Motors' High-Performance struts, thus Buick carries on with one all-wheel-drive car in its lineup, the LaCrosse. Interestingly, the all-wheel-drive model isn't the top-of-the-line LaCrosse, but rather the mid-model as the highest trim level, CXS, is front-wheel-drive only.
2011 Buick LaCrosse Front Three Quarter View
GM has truly been trying to transform Cadillac into the "Standard of the World" again as of late by introducing a number of CTS variants along with other planned models. One way in which Cadillac needed to expand in order to better compete with the likes of BMW was by adding all-wheel-drive options to some of its cars. Cadillac nearly emulated BMW in its AWD execution, adding the system to every available CTS model (a là BMW's 3-series) and the majority of its STS lineup (BMW 5-series).
2011 Cadillac CTS V Coupe Side
Chrysler is about to update the rear-wheel-drive 300 and the awd options will likely mirror those of the 2011 Dodge Charger. Until Chrysler drops the official info on the 2011 (or 2012) 300, we're giving you the specs for the 2010 cars you might still find on dealer lots.
2011 Chrysler 300 Passenger Three Quarters
Dodge is in the midst of Chrysler Group and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne's product march, having just unveiled the new-for-2011 Charger. It sports new sheetmetal, an upgraded interior, and, what we care most about here, revised powertrains. Dodge ditched both V-6s previously offered in favor of the new 3.6-liter, Pentastar V-6. However, along with the old V-6s went the all-wheel-drive option on the V-6. Dodge now only offers AWD on the Hemi-powered R/T model.
2011 Dodge Charger Front Three Quarters
It's somewhat of a mystery why we don't hear more about Ford's all-wheel-drive sedan offerings, given that the Fusion, with the option to drive all four wheels, is rather unique in the mid-size sedan segment. AWD is offered on the Fusion, along with the Taurus full-size sedan, starting on the SEL trim level. Ford's 365-horsepower Taurus SHO, however, comes standard with AWD.
2011 Ford Fusion Front Three Quarter In Motion
Honda offers a plethora of all-wheel-drive vehicles, but most of them are crossovers. Last year, the Japanese company introduced its sole AWD car offering in the form of the Accord Crosstour. The same is true this year with AWD an option on the uplevel EX-L Crosstour trims.
2011 Honda Accord Crosstour Front View
Like Cadillac, Infiniti is working to expand its lineup to truly go toe-to-toe with the Germans -- specifically BMW. It introduced a number of new models, including the M37, M56, and G25, all of which are available with all-wheel-drive. Infinti's G37 coupe and sedan are still offered with all-wheel-drive as well, although with all G models, buyers have to spring for the uplevel Journey trim to get AWD. This adds dual-zone climate control, heated sideview mirrors, heated front seats, an eight-way power passenger seat, Bluetooth, and a rearview camera. It's also of note that the only transmission available with AWD G models is Infiniti's seven-speed automatic.
2011 Infiniti G25 Front Three Quarters In Motion
Lamborghini introduced all-wheel-drive in 1993 with its Diablo VT and it's at least been an option ever since. In recent years however, it's become a Lamborghini staple as it's standard on every Lambo with the exception of the Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni edition. Although Lamborghini owners have the assurance of all-wheel-drive, insurance companies might frown upon the use of a $200,000+ supercar in the slippery white stuff. Lamborghini's Murcièlago is dead for the 2011 model year, set to be replaced sometime next year.
1003 Z 10+2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Lp570 4+front Three Quarter View
Lexus sells five sedans, and three of them are available with AWD, the ES and HS being the only models unable to be paired with the feature. Unlike last year, Lexus now offers its IS350 sedan with AWD, along with its IS250 sedan. As expected its IS convertibles aren't available with AWD, and, sadly, the high-power IS F remains RWD only. The midsize GS sedan come with the choice between three powertrain options, hybrid, V-8 and V-6, the latter being the only available with AWD. Lexus' full-size LS model is available with AWD on both its standard and long wheel base models powered by a standard gasoline engine, but AWD is standard on the Hybrid LS600h L.
1001 10 Z+2010 Lexus GS350+front Three Quarter View
Lincoln currently sells three sedans, two of which are available with AWD, the other being the soon-to-disappear Town Car. As for the MKS, AWD is an $1890 option, but comes standard on the EcoBoost-equipped model. MKZ customers can also expect to pay an extra $1890 when checking the box for AWD.
2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Front Three Quarter
The 2011 model year marks 25 years of Mercedes-Benz offering its AWD system on its vehicles. Appropriately dubbed 4Matic, all the automaker's vehicles available with AWD are also paired with an automatic transmission. Mercedes offers AWD as an option on most of its passenger cars, but customers considering the German automaker's only wagon are forced into the driveline. We're not complaining one bit.
2011 Mercedes Benz CL550 4matic Driver Front Three Quarters
In their first and second generation, Mitsubishi Eclipses were available with AWD, but only when the top-end GSX trim was chosen. Although AWD is no longer an option for the Eclipse, it is standard equipment on the sporty Lancer Ralliart and Evolution sedans. With settings for tarmac, gravel, and snow, the AWD system offered on these sedans is ready for nearly any road surface you'll encounter.
1001 02 Z+2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart+front Three Quarter View
Nissan's sole AWD passenger car driveline is attached to its 485 horsepower GT-R. The advanced AWD system allows even 50/50 torque splits, 100 percent rear bias and everything in between. At no additional cost, a cold-weather package can be added, consisting of all-weather tires, darker wheels, and a coolant mix optimized for colder climates. The quick flip of a toggle switch will put the transmission into snow mode, offering smoother shifts and gentle starts.
1007 19+2011 Nissan GT R+front Three Quarter View
Porsche offers four passenger cars, but only two of which are available with AWD, its 911 and Panamera. In its final year of production, the 997 series 911 is available in 20 different sub-models, with over half built with standard AWD. Porsche's first sedan on the other hand is available with AWD on the base and S trims, while the Turbo model comes only with AWD.
1007 15+2009 Porsche 911 Carrera S+front Three Quarter View
Last year, Saab's only passenger equipped with AWD was its 9-3 sedan and wagon, but with the addition of its all-new 2011 9-5 the list expands. All 9-3 variants are equipped with the same I-4 engine, and while the larger 9-5 is available with either an I-4 or V-6, only the larger powerplant can be paired with AWD. A six-speed automatic transmission comes standard and is the only option for both sedans when equipped with AWD.
Saab 9 5 Front Three Quarters
Subaru's been perfecting its symmetrical AWD system since 1972, and has offered its entire lineup with the setup exclusively since 1997. Subaru's lineup is small, but with passenger car options ranging from mild to wild, there's a vehicle for nearly everyone.
2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Limited Front Three Quarters
The Kizashi sedan is Suzuki's sole AWD passenger car offering. All trims receive the same I-4 engine, but while front wheel models have the option between a six-speed manual and CVT, AWD variants are forced to use the continuously variable transmission.
2010 Suzuki Kizashi Front Three Quarters Passenger
Although Toyota offers six passenger cars, its Matrix hatchback is the model an AWD drivetrain can be placed into. Moving to the AWD option results in a slight bump in engine displacement, power, and road-gripping ability, but its mandatory four-speed automatic transmission doesn't help its drastically reduced fuel economy.
1001 18 Z+2010 Toyota Matrix S+front Three Quarter View
In the United States, Volkswagen offers six passenger vehicles, but only its top of the line CC is available with AWD. The CC is available in three trims, but only the AWD 4Motion model is paired with the powerful V-6 engine and six-speed automatic transmission. Within the last ten years VW has offered its Passat, Jetta, and even Golf (R32) with AWD, but unfortunately those days are long gone.
2010 Volkswagen CC VR6 Front Three Quarters
Volvo currently sells six passenger cars in sedan, wagon, and coupe formats, but only its top two sedans are offered with an AWD option. If you're in the market for an AWD Volvo that's not an SUV or crossover, choices are limited to the all-new S60 or S80 sedans. For the 2011 model year, Volvo dropped AWD options for its S40 sedan and V50 wagon, customers also no longer have the option of a V-8 engine in the S80.
1002 06 Z+2011 Volvo S60+side View
A report in a Japanese business newspaper today is claiming that the Acura RL, known in Japan as the Honda Legend, has been canceled. Acura has refused comment, so what do you think is going on?
1001 19 Z+2010 Cadillac CTS+rear Three Quarter View
You don't need a high-riding SUV or crossover to get the winter traction benefits of four-wheel drive. There are a myriad of sedans, wagons, coupes, and even convertibles that offer four-wheel drive (usually called all-wheel drive in passenger cars) either as standard or optional equipment. We've gathered up a complete list of AWD passenger cars; the list is long and the choices are many. Although the advantages of four driven wheels are obvious in slippery road conditions, the technology comes at a cost. There is usually a cost premium associated with all-wheel drive, and almost always a fuel economy penalty as well. So for each car listed, we've indicated the extra cost of the all-wheel-drive option, or the cost differential compared with the equivalent two-wheel-drive model, as well as its EPA gas mileage ratings, and the fuel economy penalty versus the two-wheel-drive version of the same car.
1001 19 Z+2010 Cadillac CTS+rear Three Quarter View
Acura's top sedan, the RL, has always come standard with all-wheel drive. The TL gained an all-wheel-drive model with its 2009 redesign. The TL SH-AWD also has a larger, more powerful V-6 engine than the front-wheel-drive TL. The "SH" in TL SH-AWD stands for "Super Handling," which denotes Acura's torque-vectoring active rear differential technology. It can send engine torque not only to the front or rear wheels but also to one specific rear wheel or the other, which aids even dry-road cornering. The same system is on the RL as well.
1001 01 Z+2010 Acura TL SH AWD+front Three Quarter View
When you think of all-wheel-drive passenger cars, Audi is one of the brands that immediately comes to mind. Audi has been building all-wheel-drive cars since the 1980s, and today the technology is available in every Audi car line. Audi's Quattro system has evolved, and the latest version (in the A4, A5/S5, A6/S6, TT/TTS, and R8) attempts to imitate the feel of a rear-wheel-drive car by sending more power to the rear axle than the front. In models that offer a choice of powertrain, all-wheel drive usually comes standard with the more powerful engine and is optional with the lesser engine. The A4 Avant (wagon) comes only with the 2.0-liter four and all-wheel drive, and the sporty S4 is likewise AWD only. All-wheel drive is now standard on the TT/TTS coupe/roadster. In the A6 mid-size family, the base, 3.2-liter V-6 drives the front wheels, but the supercharged V-6, the V-8, and the V-10 (in the S6) all come standard with all-wheel drive. Both the six-cylinder A5 coupe and its V-8 counterpart (the S5) are all-wheel drive only, as is the A8. Finally, the R8 supercar comes standard with all-wheel drive.
1001 02 Z+2010 Audi S4+front Three Quarter View
All three members of the Continental family, the Continental GT coupe, the GTC convertible, and the Flying Spur sedan, come with all-wheel drive. But with machines this fabulously expensive - the cheapest, the Flying Spur, starts at over $180,000 - you really might not want to take it out in the slush and salt.
1001 23 Z+bentley Continental Flying Spur+front Three Quarter View
BMW, more so than nearly any other brand, is committed to rear-wheel drive, but it does offer the option of all-wheel drive (denoted with the quirky "xDrive" suffix) fairly extensively throughout its 3-series, 5-series, and 7-series model lines. The 3-series offers it on coupe, sedan, and wagon, with either the standard six or the turbocharged engine. The upcharge is $2000 on the four-doors and wagon, $1900 on the coupe. You can get all-wheel-drive on the outgoing 528i or the 535i, for $2300; it's standard on the 535i wagon while they last. Although production has haulted for the current generation, dealerships may still have inventory. The new 5-series goes on sale in the fall. The 5-series GT model will offer all-wheel-drive variants of the 550i, 535i and 528i, also on sale this fall.
1001 24 Z+bMW 535xi Touring+side View
Buick's history isn't exactly stuffed full of all-wheel-drive vehicles, but with the recent redesign of the LaCrosse, Buick added an AWD option. Opting for the CXL trim is the only way to get all-wheel-drive in a LaCrosse as the less expensive CX and more expensive CXS (with a 3.6L V-6) only come with front-wheel-drive.
1001 03 Z+2010 Buick Lacrosse+front Three Quarter View
In recent years, Cadillac has refashioned its cars and reworked its lineup to make itself a direct competitor to the German luxury makes. With regard to all-wheel drive, it has patterned its offerings after BMW. So Cadillac offers all-wheel drive with either engine on the CTS (Cadillac's 3-series competitor), although you lose the option of a manual transmission. On the STS (Caddy's 5-series rival), all-wheel drive is available with the V-6 or the V-8.
1001 19 Z+2010 Cadillac CTS+rear Three Quarter View
Chrysler quietly dropped its all-wheel-drive option for the Sebring sedan back in 2009, but for 2010 the company still offers it for the rear-wheel-drive 300. It's available with the larger, 3.5-liter V-6 (in Touring or Limited trim) or the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8.
1001 04 Z+2010 Chrysler 300C+front Three Quarter View
As one might expect, Dodge's offerings mirror those of its sister brand, Chrysler. The Charger is the only sedan with an all-wheel-drive option. The Charger offers it with the larger, 3.5-liter V-6 and with the 5.7-liter V-8, each in two trim levels.
1001 05 Z+2010 Dodge Charger R T+front Three Quarter View
Ford offers all-wheel drive in both of its mainstream sedans, the Fusion and the Taurus, but you don't hear much about it. That's surprising. In the case of the Fusion, for instance, the availability of four driven wheels is something that neither the Toyota Camry, the Honda Accord, the Nissan Altima, nor the Chevy Malibu can boast. The Fusion offers all-wheel drive on its V-6 models only. The Taurus offers it on the two higher trim levels.
1001 06 Z+2010 Ford Taurus+front Three Quarter View
Honda has many vehicles with all-wheel-drive, like Element, CR-V, Pilot, but they are mostly SUVs: While the Crosstour is more of a crossover, it offers more car-like comfort and driving dynamics.

Accord Crosstour
Price: 34,730 (EX-L)
AWD cost: $1450 (vs. EX)
City/Hwy MPG: 17/25
AWD penalty: 1 mpg city, 2 mpg hwy

1001 07 Z+2010 Honda Accord Crosstour+side View
Infiniti makes all-wheel drive available on its G37 and M35/M45 models, and, like BMW, designates it with an "x". In 2009, the option was expanded to the G37 coupe as well as the sedan. In the G37, buying all-wheel drive also nets you heated seats and mirrors, but you can't get a manual transmission. Not much has changed for 2010.
1001 08 Z+2010 Infiniti G37+front Three Quarter View
Lamborghini has offered all-wheel drive as far back as the Diablo days, to tame that wild beast's power oversteer. Today, both the Murcielago and the Gallardo, coupe and Spyder, come standard with the technology, but that doesn't exactly make them snow machines.
1001 09 Z+2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 4+front Three Quarter View
Lexus makes all-wheel drive available on its IS, GS, and LS sedans. Taking the last first, all-wheel drive can be had on both the regular LS460 and the extended-wheelbase LS460L; it's standard on the LS600hL hybrid. Curiously, with the LS460, the AWD variants' 4.6-liter V-8 is down 23 hp compared to the same engine in the rear-wheel-drive models. In the GS series, only the six-cylinder GS350 offers it; the V-8 and hybrid versions do not. For the IS, all-wheel drive is available only on the smaller engine version, the IS250, and it can't be combined with a manual transmission.
1001 10 Z+2010 Lexus GS350+front Three Quarter View
Both of Lincoln's front-wheel-drive sedans offer the option of all-wheel drive. The price difference is $1890 in the case of both the mid-size MKZ and the full-size MKS.
1001 11 Z+2010 Lincoln MKS Ecoboost+rear Three Quarter View
Mercedes-Benz has been expanding the availability of its all-wheel-drive system, which it calls 4Matic. First offered only on the mid-size E-class, it has since spread to the compact C-class and the large S-class. Recently, the big CL coupe has added 4Matic, and it's standard equipment on the CL550. The S-class offers awd as an option with this same "550" engine (a 5.5-liter V-8), but as with the CL, the V-12 and AMG versions are rear-drive only. The E-class has the most extensive offerings, with 4Matic available in the sedan with either the V-8 (E550) or the gasoline V-6 (E350), but not the diesel engine or the AMG V-8. All E350 wagons have 4Matic, but the E63 AMG wagon is rear-wheel drive. Finally, the C-class sedan offers 4Matic with the smaller engine (C300) only.
1001 12 Z+2010 Mercedes Benz S550+front Three Quarter View
Mercury's all-wheel-drive entry mirrors that of Ford's. The mid-size Milan offers all-wheel-drive on its V-6 models, just like its sister, the Ford Fusion.
1001 13 Z+2010 Mercury Milan+front Three Quarter View
There are a couple clues that Mitsubishi's all-wheel-drive sedans are more rally-inspired racers than all-weather machines. First, there's the all-wheel-drive system itself, which takes a page from rallying with its driver selectable center differential that offers settings for tarmac, snow, and gravel. Then there are the cars on which it appears. Both are turbocharged, high-performance variants of the small Lancer four-door. The Evolution (or Evo) is a legendary hot-rod, and it comes standard with all-wheel drive in both trim levels, GSR and MR. The third offering, again with all-wheel drive standard, is the Lancer Ralliart, which is, in a way, the understudy to the Evo, with less power and a lesser price.
1001 20 Z+mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart+front Three Quarter View
Nissan has only one all-wheel-drive car offering: its ultimate sports car, the GT-R. Here, all-wheel drive helps put the GT-R's 480 horsepower to the pavement. The system prioritizes a sporty, rear-wheel-drive feel, however, with as much as 100 percent of the torque going to the rear wheels.
1001 14 Z+2010 Nissan GT R+front Three Quarter View
Porsche makes all-wheel-drive versions of its iconic 911 - but not its Boxster or Cayman - in a wide variety of the sports car's iterations. The mighty Turbo and the glass-roof Targa both include all-wheel drive as standard. The Carrera and wide-body Carrera S offer the choice of rear-wheel drive or four driven wheels - both in coupe and convertible body styles. Porsche's first-ever sedan, the Panamera, is available with all-wheel drive in base S trim; the Turbo comes only with awd.
1001 16 Z+2010 Porsche Panamera 4S+side View
Saab has been committed to front-wheel drive since the brand first started in Sweden. But last year, Saab finally added an all-wheel-drive option to a passenger car: the 9-3. Saab calls its all-wheel-drive system Cross Wheel Drive, because it can distribute engine power across the rear axle as well as to the front or rear wheels. In keeping with the Cross Wheel Drive name, Saab's uses XWD, rather than AWD, as its shorthand abbreviation. The XWD system is available with two different engines on the 9-3: a turbocharged four (the 2.0T) and a V-6 (the Aero). Each model comes as either a sedan or a wagon (SportCombi, in Saab-speak).
1001 17 Z+2010 Saab 9 3 20T XWD+front View
Subaru has been associated with all-wheel drive since the mid 1970s. Today, all-wheel drive is standard equipment on every Subaru.
1001 15 Z+2010 Subaru Outback 36R+side View
New for 2010, Suzuki's mid-size, front-wheel drive sedan is also available with all-wheel-drive.
1001 21 Z+2010 Suzuki Kizashi+front View
Despite its large number of models, Toyota offers all-wheel drive in only one passenger car, the Matrix. The compact hatchback pairs AWD with the larger, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and a four-speed automatic only.
1001 18 Z+2010 Toyota Matrix S+front Three Quarter View
Volkswagen used to offer all-wheel drive versions of the Passat sedan and wagon, but the company has trimmed the Passat model line, and all Passats are now front-wheel drive. The only VW with available all-wheel drive is the new CC sedan, which offers 4Motion (VW's term for four-wheel drive) with the VR6 engine.
1001 22 Z+2010 Volkswagen CC+front Three Quarter View
Volvo makes all-wheel drive available on every one of its passenger cars with the exception of the compact C30 hatchback. All of the company's sedans and wagons offer it; often it comes bundled with a larger or more powerful engine.
1001 25 Z+volvo XC70+front Three Quarter View

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2010 Acura RL
2010 Acura RL
Base AWD 4-Dr Sedan V6
16 MPG City | 22 MPG Hwy
Top Ranking Vehicles - MPG
2010 BMW 3-Series
335D RWD 4-Dr Sedan I6
23 MPG City | 36 MPG Hwy
2010 BMW 5-Series
528i RWD 4-Dr Sedan I6
18 MPG City | 28 MPG Hwy
2010 Saab 9-5
Aero 4WD 4-Dr Sedan V6
16 MPG City | 27 MPG Hwy
2010 Cadillac STS
Base AWD 4-Dr Sedan V6
18 MPG City | 27 MPG Hwy
2010 Acura RL
2010 Acura RL
Base AWD 4-Dr Sedan V6
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2010 Acura RL
2010 Acura RL
Base AWD 4-Dr Sedan V6
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2010 Acura RL Specifications

Quick Glance:
3.7L V6Engine
Fuel economy City:
16 MPG
Fuel economy Highway:
22 MPG
300 hp @ 6300rpm
271 ft lb of torque @ 5000rpm
  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Windows
  • Power Locks
  • Power Seats
  • Steering Wheel Tilt
  • Cruise Control
  • Sunroof
  • ABS
  • Stabilizer Front
  • Stabilizer RearABS
  • Electronic Traction Control
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Locking Differential (optional)
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Airbag Driver
  • Airbag Passenger
  • Airbag Side Front
  • Airbag Side Rear (optional)
  • Radio
  • CD Player (optional)
  • CD Changer
  • DVD (optional)
  • Navigation (optional)
50,000 miles / 48 months
70,000 miles / 72 months
Unlimited miles / 60 months
50,000 miles / 48 months
Recall Date
Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain model year 2007-2011 Honda CR-V, 2011-2015 CR-Z, 2010-2014 FCX Clarity, and Insight, 2009-2013 Fit, 2013-2014 Fit EV, 2007-2014 Ridgeline, 2013-2016 Acura ILX, 2013-2014 Acura ILX Hybrid, 2007-2016 RDX, 2005-2012 Acura RL, 2009-2014 Acura TL, and 2010-2013 Acura ZDX vehicles. The affected vehicles are equipped with a dual-stage driver frontal air bag that may be susceptible to moisture intrusion which, over time, could cause the inflator to rupture.
In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the driver's frontal air bag, the inflator could rupture with metal fragments striking the driver or other occupants resulting in serious injury or death.
Honda will notify owners, and dealers will replace the inflator, free of charge. Remedy parts are expected to be available in Fall 2016. Interim notices will be mailed to owners beginning on March 14, 2016. Owners will receive a second notice when remedy parts become available. Owners may contact Honda customer service at 1-888-234-2138. Honda's numbers for this recall are JX2, JX3 and JX4.
Potential Units Affected
Honda (American Honda Motor Co.)

NHTSA Rating Front Driver
NHTSA Rating Front Passenger
NHTSA Rating Front Side
NHTSA Rating Rear Side
NHTSA Rating Rollover
IIHS Front Moderate Overlap
IIHS Overall Side Crash
IIHS Rear Crash
IIHS Roof Strength
NHTSA Rating Overall
IIHS Front Small Overlap

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